Sunday, May 16, 2010

2010 Playoffs: Western and Eastern Conference Finals

They 2010 NHL Playoffs are flying by.  I still haven't gotten around to posting my review of Game 7 between the Kings and Canucks.  I also didn't find the time to post my predictions for the Western and Eastern Conference Semi Finals.  It's probably a good thing that I didn't devote time to writing that post since I would have been wrong 3 out of 4 times.  My predictions haven't done too well this post season....but why stop now.

Western Conference Finals
(1) San Jose Sharks v. (2) Chicago Blackhawks
I was impressed with how handily the Sharks conquered the Red Wings.  I definitely didn't think the Sharks were going to win that series and I was a little sad that Detroit lost.  It's nice to get some new blood advancing in the playoffs, but does it have to the San Jose Sharks!?  At least they face the Chicago Blackhawks and not the Vancouver Canucks.  I was worried about the 'Hawks after their Game 1 outing against the Canucks.  They looked terrible in that game, but thankfully quickly turned things around to end Vancouver's bid for hockey glory.    I think this series will be pretty even and while I don't care much for Chicago sports teams, I would much rather root for the Blackhawks and see them advance then watch the Sharks play for the Cup.

Prediction: Chicago in 7

Eastern Conference Finals
(7) Philadelphia Flyers v. (8) Montreal Canadiens
Why is spell check telling me that "Canadiens" is incorrectly spelled?  Anyway, what the hell are these two teams doing in the Eastern Conference Finals?

oh right, that's how

Since when did Michael Cammalleri become a scoring Goddess?  As my brother so eloquently phrased it: "I want Cammalleri to catch an edge and break both ankles. Screw him for turning his back on the Kings and only then deciding to play hockey."  Despite my disgust for Cammalleri and Habs fans in general, I would rather have the Habs advance than a team that consists of Chris Pronger and Daniel Carcillo.    

Prediction: Habs in 6

These Conference Finals are about rooting for the lesser of two evils.  I think the Chicago Blackhawks are the least evil of the 4 remaining teams and probably the most deserving to win it all based on talent.