Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kings 4, Ducks 3

All day I kept thinking that if the Kings beat the Ducks tonight then they would make the playoffs. I was a nervous nelly for parts of the game but Kings fans can thank Scotty Neidermayer for the win tonight. Thank you, Scotty, for being a complete idiot and running into Quick with a Pronger-esque elbow. Although, I doubt Pronger was proud of the hit because if Scotty had executed the move how Pronger showed him, Quick's helmet would have come off. Regardless, Kings capitalized on Scotty's laziness and lack of composure.

For all the griping I do about listening to ridiculous comments and questions from non-hockey fans, having to listen to Brian Hayward on the TV broadcast is infinitely more aggravating. Here's a text exchange between me and my brother regarding our dislike of Hayward and the Ducks (extra notes in italics):

Bro: F**k. I HATE the Ducks. (This was sent after the Ducks scored their third goal)

Me: Haha, I hate them more and more every time I watch them play

Bro: Is Bob Miller announcing any channel? I cannot f**king stand Brian Gayward. I'm at [girlfriend's] place so she only has basic cable.

Me: No because it is in Anaheim. These announcers are terrible. (Not being able to listen to Bob Miller while watching the Kings should be illegal)

Bro: Seriously. I wonder if Anaheim fans hate Jim Foxx (not quite sure why there are two x's). Because that's stupid - Jim Foxx (again with the 2 x's) is unbeatable. It's not possible. Science has proved it.

Bro: Phew! F**k yeah! (after the Kings won)

Bro: Ugh. Brian Gayward just said that getzlaf was the best player on the ice. What a joke. And that's why I hate the ducks.

Me: Getzlaf is so gross (seriously, have you seen him try to smile? And that hair....blech) and Gayward is so f'ing retarded. I am so glad they won.

As you can tell, (a) we're definitely related, (b) we're quite mature with our descriptions, and (c) we're 100% correct about Brian Hayward. How is he still on the Ducks broadcast?

So the Kings won about those playoffs...On one hand I don't really see the Kings as a playoff team, but on the other hand, if Columbus is hanging onto a playoff spot, then the Kings can get in there too. No way the BJs are a better team than the Kings.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Kings 6, Thrashers 7 (SO)

F, F, F, F, etc. Sucks to see them lose in the shootout after coming back from a three goal deficit twice. (In case you didn't see my thoughts during the game, here are my mid-game notes from after the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd periods.)

The Kings need to learn to be composed and play smart during the first period so they don't find themselves playing catch up the rest of the game, something they've done in the past three games. They played a terrible first half of the first period and had several other breakdowns throughout the game that led to goals, but other than that, they played well. The power play was clicking tonight and Ersberg had a decent game, especially considering he hasn't played since January. He kept the Kings in the game with saves on two breakaways. Ersberg and Quick deserved a better outing from the rest of the squad.

Focusing on the positives, it was quite something to watch this team fight all game long trying to tie it. I was this close to turning off the game not only when Atlanta went up 3-0, but also when they went up 6-3. However, I kept thinking the Kings could still come back and I just couldn't bring myself to change the channel. Even though they lost in shootout, like Saturday's game against the Oilers, it was amazing watching these guys tie it as the clock ticked down. While the Kings really need to get two points in each game they can't afford to walk away with zero, so sending the game to OT is absolutely imperative. The Kings are still on the playoff bubble and watching them attempt to tie it with an empty net on the opposite end of the rink makes it seem like I'm watching a playoff game. The playoff hunt isn't over yet. Now, if only the Kings can find a way to win shootouts.

This has nothing to do with the Kings, but I just couldn't resist the caption.

Kings 6, Thrashers 6: end of regulation

Kopitar tied it with 5 seconds left in the game!!
This game is so incredibly ridiculous.

Kings 3, Thrashers 5: End of the 2nd

Just when it looked the Kings were going to tie the game and Ersberg was going to part the sea, the Thrashers pissed on the Kings' comeback party by scoring a shorthanded goal in the waning seconds of the second period.

It's the second intermission and Zack Bogosian just called Mathieu Schneider his best friend during an interview with FSN correspondent Patrick O'Neal. Dude, isn't that Schneider guy ancient? Schneider the Mentor? Totally Understandable. Schneider the Best Friend to a kid born in the '90s? C.R.E.E.P.Y.

And speaking of Bogosian, he's pretty easy on the eyes. Connie warned me before the TV broadcast began that my TV might melt if the camera focused on him too much. I finally figured out who he reminds me of: the actor who played Jack O'Callahan in the most awesomest US sports movie ever made, 'Miracle' (and if you don't agree, you don't deserve to live in the best country in the world).

Bogosian and "Jack O'Callahan" (aka Michael Matenuto)
Similarity? They're both hot stuff

Kings 2, Thrashers 4: End of the 1st

Ummm....what is happening?! It's like the world has come to an end.

When I found out the Ducks lost to Atlanta last night by a score of 8-4 I laughed my arse off. Now I want to cry. I don't know when I felt worse: when Atlanta opened the scoring, when they went up 3-0, or scored their 4th goal approximately 30 seconds after Jack got the Kings on the board.

This sucks! At least there are two more periods for the Kings to allow 4 more goals to take the lead.

C'mon guys, win this game. Don't make the kitties cry.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Kings World Podcast - Episode 28

Wooo! Another episode of Kings World Podcast! This week Connie and I aren't as enthusiastic as we were last week, but we're still positive considering the Kings are sitting just 4 points out of a playoff spot. We discuss the merits of Jack participating in the shootout, the disheartening loss to Calgary, and the exciting game against Edmonton despite a shootout loss. The Kings have four games this week, three of which are against Pacific Division foes.

We also rant about annoying/stupid things our ears are subjected to by non-educated hockey "fans" at Staples Center. Please let us know what makes you want to scream "Stop Talking!" to annoying newcomers and we'll include it on our next podcast episode.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Kings 2, Oilers 3 (SO)

In the past two games, the Kings have recorded 77 shots on goal and only 2 goals. Ridiculous.

Today the Kings looked pretty good. They had lots of movement, tons of scoring chances, and did a great job of crashing the net and playing a very physical game. However, throughout the game the Kings kept making poor passes. The majority of drop passes didn't connect and the receiver had to back track to collect the puck, thus slowing down the rush. A lot of passes were not tape to tape and the puck would get lost in a player's skate. N(ot that I want to blame any one specific player, but Jack Johnson made a lot of sloppy plays. ) It was incredibly frustrating watching them play very well only to have to regroup and restart the rush because of a bad pass.

I have to give huge props to Raitis Ivanans for completely destroying Zack Stortini. The Kings had an announced sellout and the crowd went absolutely nuts when the fight was going on and gave Ivanans a huge ovation. When video of the fight hits the interwebs, be sure to check it out.
Update: Here's the video of the fight. It looks pretty even until Ivanans clocks him with a semi-uppercut to take the upper hand.

AP Photo
Still trying to figure out how this hit wasn't a penalty...
Moreau hit Brownie late and he left his feet.

Despite the relatively poor passing, I couldn't understand how the Kings were losing through almost the entire game. They completely dominated the second period and had numerous scoring opportunities. Similar to the Calgary game it just wasn't their night to get the puck past the netminder. Thankfully the Kings notched the tying goal with under a minute left in regulation, which was unbelievably amazing. It was so awesome to finally see them get another goal after peppering the Oil with so many shots and it was such a relief to know they were at least going to get a point. I thought the Kings had a chance to win it in shootout now that the Shootout King (Garon) is no longer with Edmonton, but it just wasn't meant to be. I'm beginning to think the Kings should play all of their games on the road. Well, at least they're still in the playoff hunt.

Final note of the game: I know it's great when people get introduced to hockey, but sometimes I wish they would stay out of the arenas till they actually know a thing or two about the game. What bothers me a lot about sitting near people who don't know anything about hockey,is having to hear all the dumb sh*t they say. The guy next to me asked his friend how many quarters there are in the game. (You, dumbass...they're called periods.) He also kept saying he's not sure if he'll be a Kings fan or a Ducks fan. (Don't even get me started.) And towards the end of the game he kept saying the other goalie is really good. (Roloson?? Gimme a break.)

If you don't know what's going on, just keep your trap shut.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Cheap Tickets...But Not the Commission Fee

Recently the Kings had a President's Day sale for the home games in February. 44% off a limited number of tickets for these games. How American of them! I jumped at the chance to get such a great deal and called my ticket box office guy. A year or two ago he converted me from a "search-stub-hub-ebay-ticketmaster-look-for-the-best-possible-deal" fan into a "buying-from-the-box-office" gal with the selling point that I would only have to pay $5 per order as opposed to a higher fee per ticket at other places. I was sold.

I called him last week to buy tickets to this Saturday's game versus the Oilers since there was nothing I wanted to do more than drag my fiance to a Kings game on Valentine's Day. Since it's an afternoon game he can still take me out to a nice dinner at night. It's a win-win-win situation! My ticket guy said the tickets were $20 each and since he was in such a rush that was pretty much all I got out of him. Total expected cost for two tickets: $45

I was quite surprised (and pissed) when I checked my credit card statement earlier this week and found out I had been charged $51.44. I know, it's only $6.44 more than I had anticipated, but still, WTF?! I just called him and politely mentioned that I wanted to verify the charges. He said the tickets were $20.77 and the commission fee was $10. I tried to act surprise and said, "wow, so that's a huge increase over last year....why, it's almost not even worth it buying tickets from you." What I really wanted to say was, "Why didn't you mention the increase in commission when I purchased the tickets? I don't appreciate being lied to so you can bet that I will no longer be buying tickets from you." He quickly mentioned that he could usually waive the fee but that management had instructed the sales team to charge the higher fee for the ticket package. Aha!! You bastards! (read: Kings owners/management/AEG, etc) Market a huge ticket promotion and kick everyone in the balls with a commission fee twice the normal amount. I feel like such a pansy ass that just bought into a huge scam. Screw you and your fees! Now I'm going to stick it to the Kings and revert back to my usual bargain hunting ways.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Jackson scores lone SO goal to give Kings win"

The headline of the Kings/Islanders game recap is Jackson scores lone SO goal to give Kings win.

Hey, AP. Who the hell is Jackson??

It took me a couple of seconds to figure out that Jackson is "Jack Johnson".
And I highly doubt the AP was trying to be cute and give Jack Johnson a new nickname.

P.S. I can't believe the Kings needed SO to beat the Isles. But whatever...a win is a win.

Monday, February 9, 2009

I Hate Pierre

Hahha, has anyone else seen this? I Hate Pierre McGuire.Com

The blog hasn't been updated since March 2008, but I think someone needs to contact the owner and get some current stuff on there!

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Kings World Podcast - Episode 27

In this episode of Kings World Podcast, Connie and I review the three road games the Kings played this past week. Much to our surprise and delight, the Kings won all three bringing them two games above 0.500. Connie makes fun of the Senators and both of us commend Quick and relive Sully's penalty shot goal. We finish off the podcast by looking forward to the three games this week.

Please send all feedback and questions to kingsworldpodcast[at]gmail[dot]com.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Third Period Scramble

I realize that in the "New NHL" anything can happen and that no lead is safe, but I feel like the Kings have taken it to a whole different level. I watched the third period of the Kings/Caps game and I noticed something that I'm afraid has become a trend for the Kings. In a lot of games this season (and yes, I'm too lazy to go through each game and give you the hard numbers) the Kings have started the third period with the lead or taken the lead early in the third and then proceeded to cling onto that lead for dear life by predominantly only playing defense. In some cases, such as the game against Detroit, there was too much time left and not enough defense. In other cases, such as the game against Colorado, the one against the Blackhawks, and Thursday's game against the Caps, the Kings squeaked out with the W, but they were darn close to losing each game (and I'm calling going past regulation a loss.)

I understand not wanting to be too risky and cute on offense, but I don't understand why in the third period they suddenly look shell shocked and are incapable of clearing the zone or at least getting the puck deep for line changes. Quick was HUGE in the third period and although he allowed two goals in the final frame, he was instrumental in the Kings victory. It's one thing if the Kings play the entire game looking completely outmatched, but it's another to play the majority of the game at a composed level and then scramble in the third period as they desperately try not to blow a lead by heavily relying on goaltending to bail out the team. I don't think it's a good thing that when the Kings start the third period, I pray that they won't blow it. Kinda like when Barbs was in net and I held my breath every time the opposition would shoot. Yeah, not a good sign.

I suppose I should be glad that the Kings managed to win those games and that their play helped make the game very exciting, but I can only wonder how many games they could have won if they hadn't sat back on their heels and let the other team take it to them. If they make the playoffs, there's no way they'll make it out of the first round playing this way.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Gauthier Out...'Meh'.

The Kings will be without their turnover superstar for the next 5 games because of a dirty hit Gauthier doled out in Saturday's game against the Canadiens.

I know Gauthier is a King (a hot one I should add), but let's revist Avery's kind words about him from 2005 when Gauthier hit JR in a preseason game:

I think it was typical of most French guys in our league with a visor on, running around and playing tough and not back anything up.

...a typical move from a guy wearing a visor that certainly doesn't like to get scratched at all.

I do take exception with the last part because Gauthier will mix it up with guys and receive hits just as much as he delivers hits. But the bottom line is, if you haven't read the blog lately or listened to my podcasts, I miss Avery.