Sunday, February 28, 2010

USA Takes Silver in 2010

So Ryan Miller and Company took home silver....

(Getty Images)
and that makes me a saaaaaad panda

and then this happened.

(AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

At least the USA would never put inflatable beavers in the closing ceremony.

Seriously Canada?  As if there aren't enough jokes about being Canadian...

Monday, February 22, 2010

USA 5, Canada 3: Squee-Off

Hot damn Sunday's game was sexciting.  Canada may have outplayed the US, but the a-MER-icans found a way to win. I didn't sit down the entire first  period, I jumped in the air for every Team USA goal, and I found myself squeeing over several different players throughout the game.  Who do you think wins the Squee-Off for the US in their 5-3 win over Canada?  Here are the contenders:

1. Brian Rafalski
Brian Rafalski, the sex symbol

Rafalski has represented Team USA several times but for some reason every time I see him on TV or hear his name I think he's European.  But thank God he's an American because he has the golden stick in these Olympic games.  He looked like Niklas Lidstrom in the game against Canada.  He got Team USA the lead very early in the game, took the back lead by embarrassing Marty Brodeur and almost secured a hat trick, but instead received an assist after Jamie Langenbrunner deflected his shot.  How could you not fall over a guy who can score so easily.  Plus, if he had hair, he would look like Lubomir Visnovsky and everybody loves Lubo!

2. Ryan Miller

Ryan Miller attempting to bring sexy back

Ryan Miller looked like a controlled Dominik Hasek in the game against Canada.  He was brilliant but never quite crossed the line into "holy-shit-how-did-he-make-that-save-I-bet-he-sold-his-soul-to-the-devil" territory.  42 saves, 3 goals allowed, and a whole lot of awesomeness.  Girls wanted him, guys wanted him, and everyone wanted to be him tonight.  It definitely was Miller Time.  

3. Ryan Kesler

Who's in style? Yeah, this guy.

First, he talked shit about the Canadians before the game, which got JR's approval during the pre-game show.  Then he secured the win with his amazing one-handed empty-netter, which sent ladies across America throwing their bras at him (on TV).  So basically, Ryan Kesler went from being a Vancouver darling to pissing all over Canada's Maple Leaf logo. I liked him in the NHL2K10 commercial, but now I really like him. 

Verdict: Tough call, but the winner goes to Miller.  No offense to the backup netminders, but there is no way the US would have won with either Timmy Thomas or Jonathan Quick in net.  Kesler of course is totally squeeworthy but Miller won the game.  Let's hope he continues to be absolutely insane in net throughout the remainder of these Games.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


USA vs.'s on bitches!

I should probably be over the whole
"my country is better than your country" argument,
but then I watch the movie "Miracle"
and realize that I love my country
because it is awesome. 
I want to rub it in everyone's faces.
So what if it's childish to think that, 
the Olympic Games are all about national pride.

I want the US Men's Hockey Team
to upset Canada because somehow
that will prove again that the US
is still superior to all the other countries.

Go USA!!

Review of Where the Kings Call Home

The folks over at Stadium Journey have written a review of Staples Center.  I don't think I've ever described Staples Center in detail.  I suppose I forgot that not everyone has experienced the awesomeness of where the LA Kings play.  So check out the review of Staples Center, appropriately titled "A Castle Fit for the Kings".

The post mentions the parking fee ranges from $10-$ can definitely find lots within a walkable distance for $7.  And the writer is right when it's mentioned that Staples Center doesn't really have that "historical" feel like some of the older arenas.  Whatever, I enjoy riding the escalator to the top levels as opposed to hiking it up stairs.  Frankly, I really, really like Staples Center and now that LA Live is open I no longer feel like I'm going to get mugged walking to and from the arena.

LA Live before the '09-'10 home opener

Friday, February 19, 2010

Demitra is Beastly

Pavol Demitra always was Mr. Automatic when it came to shootouts.

Oh, look.  He's smiling.

 I love watching him in shootouts because you know three things will happen:

  1. He'll move slowly...scary slow
  2. He'll skate wide to one side, making a long sweeping arc
  3. He'll make an awesome move and bury it
So....he didn't quite score on his first attempt against Bryz, but no one's perfect.  When he stepped up for his second attempt I knew the game was over.  He threw is arms in the air for a silent Demitra celebration (the camera wasn't on his face, but hopefully he allowed himself to crack a smile) as his teammates threw themselves on him and mankissed him.

P.S. who knew curling was so exciting!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Those Norwegian Curlers Sure Know How to Dress

Nothing says gold medal contenders like these bad boys

(source: Reuters)

Who the hell designed the pants for the Norway men's curling team?  They're on TV right now and the pants they're wearing are more orange-based, so they're brighter and more obnoxious if that's possible.  Can you imagine the men's hockey team wearing these?

Norwegians, you can send your hate mail to second Chris Svae, the man responsible for outfitting his teammates in clown/joker/pajama/"my-mom-dressed-me"/"I-was-bullied-as-a-little-kid" pants at the Winter Olympics.

Well done, Norway....well done.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Chinese Women Play Ice Hockey?

Apparently not very well....

I can't decide if I'm more surprised that the Chinese were able to field a womens Olympic ice hockey team or that the US Women's team beat them 12-1 in the preliminary round.  

On Monday's PTI episode Wilbon and Kornheiser debated whether Women's ice hockey should even be in the Olympics because Canada and USA continue to completely dominate the other countries.  At first I thought the whole debate was total crap but after seeing the scores of some of these US and Canada games....yeah, they might have a point.  12 goals to 1 is pretty bad, but check out the shots on goal statistic of this USA vs. China game:

USA 61 shots...China 7 shots.   7!!  7!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Olympic Break - What Will Kopitar Do?

Poor Kopitar

Can't he just get his American citizenship and play for the US of A?
We'd welcome him with open arms.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Lubo Wins Over Everyone

Of course it had to be Lubo with the shootout winner.

(Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images)
Vote for Lubo

He is still so adorable.  *sigh*  adorable in the "awww, I want to steal you and put you in a stroller and push you around for the world to see so everyone can say, 'oh look at how adorable he is!'".  oh god, what is wrong with me?!

And how annoying was that shootout?  First Kopitar sch-oooooled Deslauriers and then every King who followed fell victim to the pokecheck, until, Wayne "check out my awesome bobblehead" Simmonds sneaked one by the goalie.  It looked like Simmonds was going to be the hero for the night until Pennersquee crashed the party.   Damn you Penner and your big backside.

And then I about fell over when in the next round, the 8th round, who stepped up to center ice?  Handzus? Frolov? Stoll? No.  Of course was f'ing Brad Richardson!!  I had flashbacks to the 2008 game in Anaheim when Ersberg had a brilliant game and in the shootout to tie it, Marc Crawford sent out Brian Willsie, who, to no one's surprise, had a pitiful shootout attempt and the Kings lost.  I thought I was pissed, but you should have seen Connie because I thought she was going to blow a gasket.

Anyway, so the Kings couldn't win another shootout and Phoenix is still sitting pretty with 3 more points.  I couldn't bring myself to be that upset when Lubo scored the winner, because it's can you get angry after you've seen this more than once?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hey Oilers, how's the basement?

I definitely did not expect the Oilers to be picking up the rear in the West this season.  The Kings have been there many times, especially in recent years so I won't crap all over the Oilers in this post.  It always annoyed me when I read other bloggers write that it should be an easy win tonight because their team was playing the Kings.  Despite how bad the Kings were in those seasons they still won games and occasionally they had moments of brilliance.  You never knew when the Kings would shine and it always felt good to get the random win against a team in the upper echelon of the league.

(Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
Hey Bam Bam, you're next

Even though the Kings are currently in 5th place in the West (and tied for 5th in points in the league...jeez Eastern Conference) I still don't think of them of being in the top tier of the league.  Perhaps I'm so used to the Kings losing that I'm just waiting for things to fall apart.  With just over 20 games remaining it's going to be a dog fight once the NHL resumes after the Winter Olympics.  

Monday, February 8, 2010

Kings v. Ducks - Going for the Big 10

It's Duck Huntin' Season!  Sic 'Em Boys!!

Less than a week ago the Kings and Ducks faced each other and I can't help but wonder if Ivanans and Parros will fight again.  Even though neither guy had the definite upper hand, I loved how the guys faced off: eyeing each other, waiting for the right moment to attack.  Heavyweight fights are the best, especially now that Parros has learned how to stay on his feet.

The best part of the Kings' current winning streak is seeing which players will win the game.  More often than not it's Kopitar, who has notched 15 points in the current 9 game winning streak.  But guys like Frolov, Jack, and Handzus are finally getting on the board with multiple points per game.  When one line gets shut down, another one steps up.  Crawford always stressed "scoring by committee"....he would be so proud.

As much as I hate the Ducks, games against them are usually chippy and exciting, and lately the Kings have had a lot of success against them.  The Kings can do this.  They can make it 10.  

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sheldon Souray - Winner of the Best Hockey Photo

Sheldon Souray is pretty damn hot in that ESPN magazine photo....let me post it again, because after all, I am a heterosexual female:

oooooeeeee!  Lookin' good Souray!

But just because he's hot stuff appearance wise doesn't mean he can just name 6 teams that he's willing to play on and poof, all his troubles in Edmonton will disappear.  First of all, he's no magician like Gob.  Second of all, is he out of his GD mind?  Does he actually think one of those 6 teams (Dallas, Los Angeles,
Anaheim, Philly, Washington, and NYR) wants him on their blueline, especially with his contract?  And what is up with his choices?  Dallas?  Anaheim?  Does he realize this isn't 2008?  The only reason  I can think of for why he would allegedly pick those teams is because of the weather.  And there's no f'ing way LA will take him.  Washington already has a Souray-type in Green and I can't imagine why they would want someone else similar who most likely won't be as beneficial.  I can't say much about Philly and NYR since I don't know those teams very well, but damn Souray...

P.S. I know this post is a little late considering Souray trade talks have been circulating for weeks (if not months) but I couldn't resist  the opportunity to share the photo love with all the ladies. 

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Suck It Red Wings

yeah, that's right: suck it, red wings and all your bandwagon fans.  

This season I've had the unlucky fortune one too many times of tuning into a Kings game and immediately seeing the opposition score.  Today was no exception as I turned on the game a little too late and within one minute of watching I had the fantastic opportunity to watch the Red Wings score twice.  Before I could even get over my disgust of hearing way too many Red Wings "fans" cheer inside Staples Center after the first goal, the Wings kicked Kings' fans in their guts again just 16 seconds later.  I couldn't take it anymore, the Wings dominating the Kings, Staples Center overcome with way too many Red Wings fans who I doubt have even lived in Detroit, and the possibility of the Kings having their awesome win streak stuck at 8, so I turned off the game.  

I periodically checked the boxscore and the last score I saw was the Kings down 3-2.  With the game nearing its end I took the chance and turned the game back on.  I had an inkling the Kings weren't going to let this game slip away and I was thankfully able to see Handzus knock in the game winner.  

woah there, is Zeus showing....emotion??

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oh How the Ugly Has Fallen

Great Scott, what is that?

I know, not cool to be making fun of a guy's looks, but seriously, he's a scary MF.  Remember back in the day when Olli Jokinen was the object of every GM's affection.  "OMG he doesn't like Florida!  We could get Casper Jokinen!!"  Even I couldn't help but think of "what if" the Kings didn't trade him for being so piss poor in his first years in the NHL.  I mean, this guy was picked f'ing 3rd in the '97  Draft.  So much for a high draft pick.

Jokinen has gone from a player for whom teams were willing to shell out multiple players/draft picks to someone who is traded with an average guy for essentially a bag of dicks.  In response to the trade Jokinen was quoted:

“Definitely, it’s a slap in the face to get traded"

Yeah, no shit dude.  If you don't produce your stock is going to fall...perhaps that's why players secure a no-trade clause.