Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kings 1, Ducks 2 (SO)

Hockey game - pro
Kings game - pro
Fights - pro
Preseason game - con
Ducks game - triple con

The only thing worse than a preseason game is one against the Ducks. There's just so much about that squad that makes me boil with rage. Thankfully for my ulcer, SNiedermayer, Pronger, and T-Mu were not dressed for the game. However, the goonery void left by Pronger was dutifully filled by the remaining lineup.

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Up top the Kings had Moller and Moulson sharing time on the top line with Brown and Kopi. I think Moller spent more time with Brown and Kopi and looked pretty good. I can't get over how quick he is...and how small he is, which was very apparent when he had to go up against the Ducks. Once again Moulson looked really good and had the lone Kings goal. And once again, Boyle looked soft. I don't understand how someone that big can be so weak on his skates.

Simmonds got into two scraps tonight much to my satisfaction. He started strong in the first fight and probably took the edge. However, in the second fight he was pitted against Travis Moen. I'm not sure if Simmonds wanted to duke it out against a veteran to show that he play with the big dogs, but he got his ass handed to him. At first it seemed like Simmonds was going to hold his own and even take out Moen, but then it became apparent how big Moen is and Simmonds was never really able to break out of the hold Moen had on him. It was painful watching Simmonds take shot after shot to his head and it looked like he was a bit shaken up, but hopefully the kid will bounce back and tear it up next time.

The defense did not look good at all. Johnson, Preissing, and newly (re)acquired O'Donnell were in suits while prospects Voynov, Loktionov, and Drewiske and Doughty, Greene, and Gauthier held the back end. The prospects were fairly unimpressive and Greene was just there. Doughty looked the best but still made some shaky plays.

Between Overtime and the Shootout, Connie and I recorded a quick snippet of our feelings about the game. Enjoy my awesome camera skills:

Shootout came and quickly ended. The Kings put forward three young guys (Moulson, Purcell, and Meckler) while the Ducks went with veterans. Why is it that the Kings can't score a freakin' shootout goal anymore? Remember the days when the Kings rocked in shootouts? Yeah, I miss those days...I'm already envisioning all the points we're going to lose due to shootout losses. This is going to be a fun season.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Frozen Fury XI

Frozen Fury review will be posted tomorrow.
Till then enjoy Inflated Bailey.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kings World Podcast - Episode 1.11

Another week, another podcast.

Connie and I met in person to record this podcast so hopefully you should be able to hear me loud and clear. Hooray!

We spend most of the podcast reviewing the first Kings preseason game against the Phoenix Coyotes. Listen to the podcast to find out which players impressed us the most and which ones we think need to step it up.

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Monday, September 22, 2008

The Kings Are Back In Town

Kings 6, Coyotes 4.

So much for an improved defense and fewer goals against...

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Keefe received a fist full of Bam Bam

Connie's season ticket holder partner was unable to attend the Kings preseason game so I gladly filled her spot. With what seemed like about 1,000 fans in attendance the Kings and Coyotes provided the fans with more fights in the first period than we'll probably see in the first half of the season. Even though the Kings had some first line guys on the ice the play was still back and forth and neither team really had the advantage.

LaBarbera backstopped the Kings for the first two periods and did...ok. He was tested a couple times and made some decent saves but was beaten in the first period on a bad angle while the Kings were short-handed and let in a shot from just inside the blue line in the second period. He might as well not have even been there because the shot easily whizzed by him, much to the surprise of everyone. I think I shouted, "Are you kidding me!? WHAT?!" It was almost comical...actually, it was because it was a preseason game. Barbs, don't even think of pulling that shit in the regular season.

Danny Taylor received some playing time in the third period, although he didn't get much of a workout. There was a scary scramble on his left side but he and the Kings D managed to keep the puck out of the net. I have absolutely no idea where he'll end up this season.

I spent the better part of the first period trying to remember the new kids' numbers. Hickey - 37; Harrold - 49 (what happened to 5?); Moller - 51; Clune - 56; Meckler - 58; Lewis - 61; Parse - 63; Murray - 68; Voynov - 76...what is up with all these numbers in the 50s and 60s?

I expected more out of Boyle and Johnson. Despite his size Boyle didn't seem very strong on his skates. Jack seemed a wee bit off but was more offensively minded than last season.

At first I was impressed with Greene. I didn't have much interest in reading about him during the off season so I didn't know what to expect. I guess not having any expectations can lead to being easily impressed. Greene is a big guy...and is competing with Jack for the Best Surfer Look Alike Contest. Later in the game Greene looked out of position at key moments, but he looks promising. I was also surprised with Denis Gauthier's play. Since I'm an Avery fan, I was half expecting Gauthier to recklessly throw his body at every Coyotes player all the while sporting his French Canadiae visor. However, he did not play like an asshole. Like Greene, Gauthier is a big presence on the blueline and played smart tonight. I'm anxious to see more of him.

My favorite players of the night were Oscar Moller and Thomas Hickey. I'm not sure either will make the roster this year but they will definitely be on the roster in years to come. Both players could get on the Michael Phelps diet but they didn't let their small size prevent them from playing physical. Moller is a quick guy who sees the puck well. Hickey is like a younger, cheaper, lighter version of Visnovsky. He can move the puck from end to end and did a fine job of getting the puck out of the zone and not turning it over. I think I may need to make room in my closet for a Hickey jersey...

Despite the tiny crowd, 4 goals against, and not seeing Fro, Doughty, or Bernier, tonight was s great night because Kings hockey is finally back!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kings World Podcast - Episode 1.10

Connie and I celebrate our 10th episode by providing our listeners with an episode with exceptionally poor sound quality. Sorry everyone!! It's all my fault because my microphone is a piece of shit. For those of you who can hear me, we talk about recent updates with the team including signings, guys on The Price is Right, and the upcoming preseason games.

Can you believe it's almost hockey season!?

Kings World Podcast

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Kings Season Preview on MYFO

To my complete disbelief, the MYFO Gang asked me to write a season preview for the LA Kings. My preview is a bit short but was really all I could muster given the state of the Kings. Head on over to MYFO to read my Kings season preview:

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kings World Podcast - Episode 1.9

Another Kings World Podcast! Yaaaaay! The world is finally complete.

I actually thought this was going to be a long podcast but somehow Connie and I zipped through the piles of Kings news in record time. Listen in on us discussing the recent 'Breakfast with the GM', Stoll's contract, and other hockey tidbits.


Saturday, September 6, 2008

I Heart Dean Lombardi

I tagged along with Connie to the Kings Breakfast with the GM and was surprised at the large turnout. Dean Lombardi answered the majority of the questions and it was reassuring to hear him speak about the Kings and the building process that is currently going on. He is incredibly passionate about the team and the steps that are necessary to build a winning, stable franchise.

Dean is such a hardass, which is exactly why I heart him.

On Tuesday Connie and I will be podcasting about the Breakfast with the GM so come back in a couple days to hear the details and our opinions.