Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Game is NOT Televised?!

Ahhhh, I HATE it when my Kings are not televised!

I HATE it even more when I don't realize they're not televised
until I turn on the TV and see college football on Fox Sports channel
and the F'ing Ducks on the other Fox Sports channel!

I'm steamed!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Kings 0, Thrashers 7?....WTF.......

these blowout games always seem to happen once a year

(AP Photo)

let's just pretend this game didn't happen

Monday, November 9, 2009

Live blog of Kings v. Hawks...on Versus!?

woah...does Versus realize they're broadcasting a Kings game?  I can't even remember the last time Versus showed a Kings game.  Hopefully the Kings will have a better outing tonight than what they had on Saturday versus the Predators; Kopitar and Co. have to show the rest of the hockey world what they're missing out on.

Stay tuned shortly for the live blog of the Kings v. Hawks game.

Pre-Game Talk
- I really dislike listening to Joe Beninati.  It sounds like he's trying too hard.

awesome pic, courtesy of Bangin Panger

- Oh Chicago, how I wish to never visit that city again.
- Not sure what I think of Blondie...she's ok.

alright boys, let's start this game.  5 bucks on Brown (cleanly) destroying Toews in the first period.

First Period
20:00 - Why is there a bluish hue?  I know games always look darker in Chicago, but this is a little much.

18:13 - Neither team has established control; play keeps going back and forth...

17:34 - Chicago had the best chance on a rebound from the outer edge of the circle.  But good recovery by Quick to stop the 'Hawks.

17:08 - Nice check by Greene!

16:20 - Nice interception by Brown but Stoll rushed the backhand attempt

15:35 - pretty good cross ice movement by the 'Hawks.  Another camera shot of Terry Murray looking like he always does: bored.

14:38 - good stop by Quick (and no rebound!) on a rush by  Byfjdoi87lggleen....or whatever his name is.

14:20 - oh Stoll! get it on NET!

13:09 - is it just  me or is this game boring?  the teams look fairly evenly matched, which means both teams are doing a good job of limiting the opposition to very few chances.

12:30 - Rookie Scott Parse had a decent shot on net.  He's definitely been outplaying Teddy Purcell and deserves the spot alongside Stoll and Brown.

11:35 - Fourth line out on the ice....I wonder how the Kings would do with only 3 lines...

10:37 - Kopi had a great takeaway and fed it to Williams who powered it wide...

9:58 - Kane has a very white mouthguard...I'd like to see Brownie rip it out of his mouth.

9:00 - the Handzus-Frolov-Simmonds line had a good shift

8:25 - how the hell does Patrick Sharp have so many points against us??

7:28 - holy shit Quick, could that rebound have been any bigger??  he's lucky the 'Hawks weren't in good position to jump on the puck

6:22 - Shots are even at 9

5:18 - This game reminds me of Saturday's game against Nashville except with a tad bit more energy.

4:24 - the fourth line actually had a short cycle going...

3:48 - Nice defense by Scuderi.  He couldn't have played that any better.

2:26 - Parse-Stoll-Brown looking good.....and Brown and Eager both going off for penalties.  Brown is usually good at drawing penalties, but this time he got caught diving.  Boo!

0:00 - not too much action in this period....Blackhawaks had more chances, but nothing too heart-stopping.  I hope this game picks up.

more after the jump....jump!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Kings 1, Preds 3: I'm bad luck

Today was the third Kings home game I attended this season and the third Kings home loss this season.  Is it too much to ask of the Hockey Gods that the Kings win when I go see them play?  It's frustrating and it's gotten to the point that my friends are now blaming me for their home losses.  I think their goodwill has ended and I won't be seeing anymore free tickets this season.  :(

I was really looking forward to today's afternoon game against the Predators, especially since the Kings just came off an awesome 5-2 home win against the Pens on Thursday night.  But nooooooo, the Kings couldn't play that well two games in a row.  Instead, the Kings were sloppy, off kilter, lackluster, and, quite frankly, unlucky.  The teams looked evenly matched, had similar chances, but in the end, the Preds were able to bury more pucks in the net.

(Photo by Noah Graham/NHLI via Getty Images)

Quick, you need to be quicker!

Doughty probably had his second worst game of the season and Kopitar looked off as well.  Despite making some good saves throughout the game, Quick looked Slow on the first Preds goal.  He also made an ill decision in the third period when he prematurely skated off the ice during a delayed penalty just as the Kings missed a pass at the blueline and the puck went caroming down the rink towards a now empty goal.  He tried to skate back in a hurry and then THREW HIS STICK at the puck, which was fruitless since it went wide anyway.  I stared in complete disgust thinking, "there goes our man advantage" as Quick was assessed a penalty.

The third Preds goal, which came off a play where Kopitar fell over while skating backwards and ended with an U.G.L.Y. defensive play by Kopi and Quick, was a gut wrencher since the Kings had just got within 1 goal off an awesome slap shot by Stoll that was barely deflected by Brownie.  The messy defense on the last Preds goal was just another instance of sloppy play that occurred throughout the game.  It was disappointing to see so many offensive passes back to the defensemen slip by them and out of the offensive zone.  It was frustrating watching the Kings play without much energy; it's never a good sign when I can count the number of memorable hits on one hand.  And it's irritating having to convince my friends, who aren't diehard Kings like myself, that the Kings are actually good this season, despite how boring and awful the game was.  I know the Kings are capable of playing great hockey, but games like today worry me that shit's going to hit the fan and the old Kings are going to appear.

But you know what was good about this game?  The drinks we had at Trader Vic's before we got to the game.  So the next time you're heading to Staples Center for a Kings game, stop by Trader Vic's to fill up on one of their tasty beverages.  Don't worry, I won't be at the game, so there's a good possibility that the Kings will win.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Phoenix Again? Blerg.

You know what's irritating?  Watching the Kings play the Coyotes for the third time in just over 4 weeks.  The NHL schedule is so wacked out.  The Kings and Ducks haven't even faced off yet, and won't till early December, yet the Kings have played Phoenix 3 times and Dallas and San Jose each twice.  The season is barely a month old and I'm already sick of other Pacific Division teams.  And I don't care how improved and impressive the Coyotes are, I still despise watching them.  Thank goodness the New Orleans Saints were on MNF tonight giving me a valid excuse to "watch" the Kings game via the boxscore.

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

I'm beginning to like this guy...
sorry about the hateful things I said about you.

It feels good knowing the Kings beat Phoenix, especially since the Yotes always seem to have their number.  The win was also sweet since former Kings goaltender, Jason La Barbera, was in net and allowed 4 goals.  It doesn't matter how awesome Barbs is off the ice, because once it's game time I never want to see a former Kings player, especially a goaltender, play well against the Kings.  Remember when Craig Conroy was traded back to the Calgary Flames a day or two before a Kings/Flames game?  He lit up the Kings.  I loved Conroy during his short stint with the Kings, but that game was so not cool.

Anyway, my favorite part about live updates on a boxscore is seeing errors in the updates.  See below for an example:

The shot was eventually credited to Dustin Brown, but if you don't know who to credit for a shot, hit, penalty, etc. don't post the update till all information is collected.  Silly update people.

Glad to see Williams get a goal in his first game back from a hopefully minor injury that won't flare up in the near future.  Even though the Kings got points in their past two shootout losses, it's such a relief to see them get 2 points in regulation.  15 games in and the Kings are only 1 point behind San Jose.  C'mon Kings, keep up the points streak.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Backups Get the Cold Shoulder

Both the BJs and the Kings were playing the second of back-to-back games tonight and both teams elected to play their starting netminders despite both of them playing the previous night.  The decisions shine a light on two things: 1. Neither the BJs nor the Kings can be seen as easy opponents and that playing against either team will not result in an automatic 2 points, and 2. Neither Erik Ersberg nor Mathieu Garon have played well enough in previous start(s) to allow the starters a night off.

Of the two starting goaltenders, Steve Mason definitely looked the most suspect after allowing 2 goals on 2 shots 49 seconds apart.  Jonathan Quick looked solid at the beginning of the game and kept the Kings up by 2 after stopping Rick Nash on a penalty shot.  He looked so calm during the penalty shot and stayed with Nash the entire time, in position to make a blocker save.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Kings v. Coyotes: let's not fail this time

The Kings have so much trouble playing against the Glendale Phoenix Coyotes.  Let's hope tonight's game is a high energy disciplined game.  Check my twitter feed for updates on the game.  Also, KingsCast, LA Kings Insider, and View from My Seats appear to be tweeting during the game as well.

Then check back after the game for a review of the game.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kings 1, BJs 4: so disappointing

What is wrong with the Kings power play?  The problem with only using one defenseman on the power play is the risk of the opposition breaking out and being able to completely undress a forward who has to undertake complete defensive responsibilities.  Williams got schooled twice in this game, one of which led to Rick Nash's short-handed goal.  I don't place blame on Williams because he's a forward and I don't think there's a forward on the Kings roster who could have broken up that play.

(AP Photo)

But using only one defenseman on the power play wasn't the only fault to the Kings' issues while playing with the man advantage since they had much success in the first handful of games this season.  Unfortunately the chemistry they had earlier in the season hasn't continued as they've faced teams with solid PK units.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

2009 Oct 15 - Kings v. Red Wings - Live Blog

Just got home from work and it's the first intermission. Kings up 1-0. Stay tuned for a live blog of the remaining two periods.

Waiting for the second period to start by educating myself about the magical powers of the wolf shirt.

Second Period
20:00 awww....there's Brad Stuart!

18:45 - is any team going to take control? uh-oh, Davis Drewiske in the Box.

18:23 - yikes, an f'ing rocket from the blueline by Lidstrom. BTW, how old is that guy??

17:30 - My heart stopped; Bertuzzi hit the post....karmas a bitch isn't it Big Bert?

17:15 - 2-on-1, Doughty all alone

16:42 - Huh, Jason Williams and Justin Williams. That's not confusing at all.

16:26 - crappity crap crap, Wings just tied it. What the...hold on...the Kings get someone kicked out of the faceoff circle and the replacement is Peter HARROLD?! Well, of course he's going to lose the faceoff. Great choice guys.

14:24 - this here some messy hockey, but the Wings have had the better chances and are applying more pressure. I think the only shot on goal the Kings have this period was a shorthanded light backhand shot.

12:19 - Greene and O'Donnell are paired on the ice together.

12:05 - eek, Kopitar got checked at the middle of the ice. Nice extended leg, Cleary. Oooooh, is Terry Murray showing emotion? That might be a first.

11:58 - uhh, wtf. Purcell is sitting in the box right now for too many men on the ice. Let's hope this PK can stonewall the Wings.

11:13 - Just as I was thinking, 'wow, Lidstrom and Rafalski on the blueline', Lidstrom took a slap shot that found its way past Quick. This PK needs to improve Stat!

11:00 - Smyth broke out but couldn't bury it.

9:53 - Wings have outshot the Kings 7-3 in this period.

9:06 - the third line finally gets a cycle going in the Wings zone. Fro passed it to Simmonds who was positioned right in front of Osgood, but he couldn't stuff the puck in the net.

7:50 - backhand by Stoll, but it came from too far out and wasn't strong enough to be too menacing.

7:45 - it seems like the 4th line is getting way too many minutes; are Richardson, Harrold, and Lewis really worth this much ice time?

5:16 - omg, another penalty? and in the offensive zone? Oh F*CK, the ref is Dan Marouelli!! One of the absolute worst refs in NHL history.

Woah, is the Joe Louis Arena really playing 'Single Ladies'?

3:30 - Bertuzzi just hit the post AGAIN!

3:13 - full strength and it's still 2-1

2:03 - Kings have been blocking a lot of shots, but they haven't been

1:46 - Ahhhhh, another penalty!! It looked like O'D just laid out a hard hit, but somehow it's a penalty. BS. Total BS. Great sales job Holmstrom. Thanks Marouelli.

0:50 - blocked shots, deflections, the puck is flying all over the place!

0:00 - *sigh* the Kings killed the majority of the penalty. Only 16 seconds remain in the penalty and hopefully that'll be the last penalty they take this game. Being shorthanded has killed their chances of establishing momentum and getting their offensive game going. They only had 1 maybe 2 solid scoring chances this period, which is obviously not going to win them any games, especially against Detroit.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Kings World Podcast - Episode 2.1

Connie and I start our 2nd season of Kings World Podcast with a review of Frozen Fury XII and the first four games of the 2009-2010 season. Even though the Kings start the season with a 3-1-0 record we still aren't completely satisfied with their game. We're worried about the penalty kill and defense and hope the Kings can improve both of those areas of their game. The Kings have 4 games this upcoming week, all on the road, so hopefully we'll be back next week still celebrating a winning record.

You can listen to Episode 2.1 on the audio player on the right, from the Kings World Podcast website, or subscribe to us on iTunes. Please send all feedback and questions to kingsworldpodcast[at]gmail[dot]com.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jack Johnson in NHL2K10 Commercial

I did a double take when I first saw the NHL2K10 commercial.

Yep, that's Jack!

Celebrate Columbus Day by Working

While the Kings play the NY Islanders on Monday October 12th, 2009 at 11am PST, I'll be at work, doing work stuff, not enjoying my day as I think about how much it sucks to be not watching a Kings game because I'm working on Columbus Day, technically a Federal Holiday.

The NHL shouldn't schedule afternoon games that fall on Federal Holidays that aren't Real Federal Holidays. Columbus Day? Puh-lease.

People will still go to the bank and/or post office not realizing that it's a "holiday". The bus and rail lines will operate on regular schedules. I and all other non-federal employees will have to go to work. This isn't baseball, this isn't Christmas, this isn't even MLK day. An NHL game on Columbus Day should still be played in the evening. Screw you Bettman for making yet another NHL game inaccessible to the masses who enjoy watching a game live.

*P.S. I'm not against Columbus Day, I just think it's funny that people are so against it. I'm all for more holidays, I just wish all Federal Holidays would be mandatory paid holidays for all employers.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Best Damn Hockey Photo

I was worried Zdeno Chara would be the only hockey representation in the current ESPN magazine. So thank you, ESPN, for featuring other hockey players as well:

Ethan Moreau, Sheldon Souray and Andrew Cogliano

Kings 6, Minny 3: Top Line Gets It Done

Let's hope the top line continues to produce like they did tonight!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Coyotes Feed On Kings in Home Opener

Woah, the Kings home opener on Saturday Oct 3rd against the Phoenix Coyotes was one huge disappointment. Kings fans were anxiously waiting for this night because the Coyotes seemed like such easy prey to start off the '09-'10 season with a much wanted win.

Everything before the national anthem set up what was thought to be a great game. LA Live was abuzz with a they're-so-awesome-'cause-it's-so-ridiculous rock cover band and drink and food specials at the numerous restaurants. The Husband and I were tempted to eat at the ESPN Zone but we decided to feast on comfort food at Lawry's because of the smaller crowd and I took advantage of the $3 beer special for fans in a Kings jersey.

LA Live...not too shabby

The server in the Premier section was incredibly attentive, which made ordering through him worth every penny of the half-off retail price I paid for my ticket through StubHub. The pre-game jumbotron celebration of great moments in Kings history set up the moment for the start of the season, the 10th one at Staples Center. But all the momentum kinda came to a screeching halt when national anthem singer Lisa Loeb sang "God Bless America"...woah...what?? Lisa Loeb chose to sing "God Bless America? I know singers have a choice as to which song to sing and I know "The Star-Spangled Banner" is a difficult vocal number with myriad opportunities for failure, but "The Star-Spangled Banner" gives the arena an energy and rush that "God Bless America" does not deliver. Lisa Loeb was fine, nothing extraordinary, nothing horrible, but she did Staples Center, the Kings, and Kings fans no favor by passing over "The Star-Spangled Banner" at the home opener. Of course she is not to blame for the Kings' pitiful outing, but she was the start of many failures over the course of the evening.

The Kings turned over the puck way too many times during the game. Phoenix had a lot of odd-man rushes and easy break outs. The defensemen were much more active on offense than in the past, but it hurt the team when the Kings turned over the puck and there was only one defenseman left to fend off the opposition. Drew Doughty was surprisingly shaky in the game; he was called for two penalties and had several turnovers that left him out of position and scrambling to recover.

Jonathan Quick had two key saves in the game, but other than that looked average. However, it's difficult to gauge his performance given how poorly the Kings played in front of him.

The one highlight of the game was the Kings power play. The Kings scored all three of their goals on the power play and had what seemed like well over half of their scoring chances come while on the man advantage.

It was frustrating to see the Kings try to close the gap on the scoreboard only to have Phoenix immediately regain their multi-goal lead. Watching the Kings lose so decisively sort of felt like the off-season never happened. But I have to believe that the Kings are better than last year. This year the Kings don't have the dead weight of Kyle Calder, Denis Gauthier, and (it pains me to write it) Derek Armstrong. The Kings have 3 very strong lines, and a 4th line that could be beneficial with a promising Trevor Lewis at center. The Kings need to be disciplined and smart, knowing when to take chances and when to stay home and play with more intensity and be more physical. This Kings team is better than what they showed last night and will do better in the future. It's just one game, 81 more to go.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

How Long Will it Take for the Sharks to Implode?

My hermano passed on a FB status from one of his friends:

Sharks look like they spent the entire summer celebrating the Presidents' trophy. One thing is sure: the Sharks are more likely to have a disappointing season than the Kings

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

*sigh* Twitter *sigh*

I always thought I could stay away from Twitter but Connie from A Queen Among Kings finally convinced me that I just had to sign up. You can follow me at Marie_Stiles. I added a Twitter widget to the right sidebar but I think it looks obnoxious so I may remove it.

During Kings games that I watch at home I'll post (tweet?) updates. Otherwise, during non-game days I'll be tweeting (twittering?) random, probably mundane updates. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Limited Time Deal on 200 Level Tickets to Select Kings Games

I recently subscribed to Groupon email alerts and today's discount is for a wonky fitness center. But the sidebar had a notification for a discount on Kings games: $31 tickets in the 200 level section behind the glass to 3 select Kings games:

Oct 8th v. Minnesota Wild
Oct 25th v. Columbus Blue Jackets
Nov 7th v. Nashville Predators

Click here for the deal.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Frozen Fury XII Recap

Another Frozen Fury has come and gone and thankfully we only have to wait mere days before the 2009-2010 season opens at home against the Phoenix Coyotes. Unlike last year's Frozen Fury, this year I made it to Vegas Friday afternoon and was able to venture over to the MGM Grand where the Kings held their charity poker tournament.

I was a cheapo this year and opted to stay at an unexciting hotel/(barely existant) casino located just off the strip about 1 mile north of MGM Grand. Since I didn't want to risk getting mugged for the second time in 3 months as we walked 2 blocks through East Rape-town from the hotel to the strip, I left my purse in my hotel room, which meant I didn't bring my camera to the poker tournament. I definitely regret not bringing my camera because some of the players were very accessible as they roamed the perimeter of the tables, patiently stopping and taking pictures with all the female fans who were seconds away from screaming with excitement. Naturally the player who could barely walk two steps before getting stopped was the beloved Frolov (sans wedding ring....what!? put that shit back on!) As I was blindly walking around the tables I almost ran right into a very well-dressed Jack Johnson who looked exceptionally dapper in a charcoal striped suit with a dark plum dress shirt. Jack was definitely looking good.

Connie of A Queen Among Kings managed to snag photos with several players including, Kyle Quincey (who was working it with a questionably tight Hugo Boss shirt that allowed his guns to take center stage), Ryan Smyth (who had a very tough time figuring out how to smile), Rob Scuderi (who looked like his wife dressed him...not that there's anything wrong that), Anze Kopitar, and Alexander Frolov. (Not so) surprisingly, Matt Greene did not make Connie's cut.

As for the actual hockey game there appeared to be fewer people in attendance compared to last year, but the atmoshere was still exceptional. I was particularly excited because it had been way too long since I was at a Kings game. I was pleased to see all the top guys in the lineup with a couple youngsters thrown in there. I was surprised to see possible rookie Alec Martinez teamed up with Drew Doughty, but was disappointed that Thomas Hickey was left off the roster (and sent down to Manchester on Monday).

Quick Attack!

Kevin Westgarth wasted no time in getting the fans out of their seats as he dropped his gloves not even two minutes into the game. The fighters looked even but in pure Westgarth fashion, he clapped as he skated off the it...but still not sure he should upseat Ivanans nor do I think we need two enforcers in the lineup for every game. Thankfully, the Kings brass agree as Westgarth was assigned to Manchester on Monday. While Westgarth may be a bruiser all the way, you gotta give the Best Fighter Award to Wayne Simmonds, who not only tore up Hendricks, but also ended the game with a Gordie Howe Hat Trick. Last year Oscar Moller and Wayne Simmonds were the players who just eeked out a roster spot. Moller was sent down to Manchester earlier in the month, but Simmonds is holding strong and looked like he improved his game over the off-season.

Even though the Kings controlled most of the first period they looked rusty and weren't able to get any great scoring chances. Colorado actually got on the scoreboard first despite not showing much spark for the other 19:57 of the period. Frolov evened the score, deflecting a rocket from Jack Johnson.

Both teams picked it up in the next two periods and the Kings finally started looking better. Ryan Smyth showed some grit, but I was expecting him to crash the net more. The Kings still rolled with 4 forwards on the power play, alternating Stoll and Williams at the point; the power play was average, which won't cut it in the regular season, so hopefully the guys find their PP rhythm. Teddy Purcell didn't play as well as I thought he would, especially since you have to think he's fighting for a roster spot. He had some bad passes and wasn't contributing much on offense.

I was most impressed with the Kings defense, probably because Denis Gauthier wasn't in the lineup. The only time I noticed Rob Scuderi was during his first shift; analysts have mentioned that if you don't notice Scuderi, then he's doing his job. Drew Doughty was Drew Doughty as he continued to show a lot of poise and smarts and even contributed on offense with a goal. Jack Johnson was also a monster on defense. He looked physically ready and played one of his better games in a Kings uniform. The only defenseman I was not impressed with was Matt Greene. He was a liability in the game as he made some very noticeable mistakes and took bad penalties. He's not Denis Gauthier bad, but sometimes I wonder why he wears the 'A' and received a contract extension last year.

Matt Greene was in the yellow ball

I'm cautiously optimistic about this season, despite my prediction on Puck Daddy that I expect some level of failure from my Kings; I'm a pessimist, I can't help it. Even though the Kings played alright and they got the win, you can never judge an upcoming season by the results of preseason games. It's too easy to say the defense is significantly better or that Quick looked solid enough to lead the Kings into the post-season. Preseason games are so deceiving because of the mixture of players on both teams. But overall I liked what I saw this weekend and Frozen Fury got me even more pumped up for the Kings 2009-2010 season that starts this Saturday in LA. Go Kings!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Frozen Fury XII - Kopitar's GWG

When the ref signaled for a penalty shot I made sure my camera was on video mode. I handed the camera to the Husband who had a better view and we were able to get a decent shot of Kopitar's Game Winning Goal of Frozen Fury XII:

Wayne Simmonds Made Someone's Head Bleed

The full Frozen Fury XII recap will come tomorrow. Until then, here are some pictures of the aftermath of the Simmonds v. Hendricks fight from Frozen Fury.

Looks like someone took some fighting lessons during the offseason. It's good to see Simmonds hold his own this year.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

One Week Till Frozen Fury

which means, only 2 more weeks till the season starts!!!
I still need to get tickets to the home opener....

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A 12-Year Deal Sounds Awful

I think the title of this post says it all. I don't care how good Luongo is right now, I definitely wouldn't want him on my team in 12 years. much could be said...
fighting off urge to make dirty jokes....argh!

I realize all of these long term contracts are really just ways to circumvent the whole salary cap issue while still holding onto your prized possession, but they're ridiculous and I wouldn't want my GM to make these kind of gambles. I think that any contract over 2 years should be converted to dog years. According to the online conversion calculator:

It is a common belief that 1 human year is equal to 7 dog years. That is not very accurate, since dogs reach adulthood within the first couple of years. The formula is: 10.5 dog years per human year for the first 2 years, then 4 dog years per human year for each year after.

So let's say that Luongo, currently 30 years old, has already reached adulthood and that from this point forward every year in his contract equals 4 dog years. I think that's fair. After 12 years of his contract, he would technically be 42 in human years, but in hockey years, which is more like dog years, he would actually be 78!!! WTF?! This scientific conversion proves that this contract really is ridiculous.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kings World Podcast - Episode 34

And we're back!

Connie and I recorded our 34th episode of Kings World Podcast. We discuss the various events that have occurred since the end of the '08-'09 season:draft, free-agent signings, trades, and quick season preview. And instead of talking about the Kane incident, Connie thought it would be much more interesting for me to recount my exciting Chicago story.

You can tell that we're trying to get excited for the upcoming season but there are just too many non-hockey days between now and October 3rd, the night of the Kings home opener. You can listen to the podcast from the right sidebar, at our website Kings World Podcast, and/or subscribe through iTunes. We'll be back in a couple weeks...or a month with another episode. Until then send us any comments or questions to kingsworldpodcast[at]gmail[dot]com.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Blog Layout

I noticed that my blog layout wasn't appearing as I wanted it when viewed on a widescreen monitor. I decided to use a new 3-column layout, which is hopefully easier on the eyes. Let me know what you think! And email me or leave a comment if you want me to include a link to your hockey related blog or website.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, August 10, 2009

LA Kings Hockey Fest

I have absolutely zero interest in going to Hockey Fest.

Does this make me a bad Kings fan? I think the main deterrent is the $60 price tag for a three-day pass. I'm all about figuring about the cost-benefit of things and I just don't see a whole lotta benefit for the $60, especially since I don't see any info about free parking.

Is anyone going who is willing to share the reasons for attending?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Frozen Fury XII - Kings v. Colorado - Vegas

Too much time between now and September 26, 2009

Road Trip to Vegas

Roulette, Blackjack, Craps, and/or Poker?

Best Pre-Season Game

The Only Pre-Season Game Worth Attending

I am so anxious for Frozen Fury XII

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kings Have Another Boring Off Season

The Kings off-season has been b.o.r.i.n.g. Thankfully it coincided with my hectic personal summer so I feel like the off-season has been flying by without feeling like I've been missing out on all the fun. The NHL Entry Draft came and went without much fanfare. The Kings did not hold a Draft party this season for season ticket holders something I attribute to the crappy economy but was probably due to the Kings not wanting to give off the impression that having a high Draft pick is something to celebrate year after year since, of course, that would mean that the Kings still suck. The Kings aren't exactly in the top half of the league but the team is slowly getting there and hopefully next year's Draft will be even less of an event for Kings fans than the 2009 Draft.

Even without the fanfare of the 2008 Draft, I doubt the majority of Kings fans were that upset with the selection of forward Brayden Schenn. Personally, I was satisfied. There’s nothing wrong with stacking the farm system, and eventually the roster, with young quality players.


Braaaaayyyyy-den Schenn…yes, I am a jerk

The Ryan Smyth trade was definitely a huge surprise to me and, it's probably safe to say, to most Kings fans as well. In fact, that was the only surprise of the off-season but it wasn't a complete downer for the Kings community considering the Kings pretty much gave up only Kyle Quincey to acquire Smyth. One could argue that the Kings lost additional manpower since someone named Tom Preissing was also involved in the mix but he was barely on the roster last season so he will hardly be missed. The Kings have a lot of depth on the blueline so while Quincey was a dominant and productive player last year, sadly he was expendable.

The Kings made a couple other small moves, including letting go of Connie's true love, Matt Moulson and trading away Brian Boyle, who has progressed so slowly that the Kings should be given credit for giving him a chance for as long as they did. Teddy Purcell signed for an additional year and several other small fries also remained in the system.

Jack MF Johnson was the big name to re-sign this off-season and THANK GOD negotiations were completed before the start of the season (*cough*Sully*cough*). I found out about this transaction when Connie texted me while I was on my honeymoon. Yep, I got married this summer; I am officially the ball and chain. Anyway, I had been worried all summer long that Jack would get re-signed to a ridiculously unnecessary contract that he didn't deserve. I am not a fan of long contracts and paying athletes for their potential so I was slightly worried that Dean Lombardi would succumb to what seems to becoming the norm in NHL contracts. However, Deano proved why he's so f'ing awesome and came to an agreement with Jack on a two-year deal with an annual cap hit of $1.425 million. I wrote a bit about the Jack re-signing here, but overall, Jack still has a lot to prove so the contract is very telling of what Jack has done for the Kings and what he needs to do in order to be paid the big bucks. It also gives both sides an out in case one or both parties are unhappy with what will happen over the next two years.

So that's it! Boring, right? I know. I live in LA where hockey news is incredibly scarce in local news. I was recently in Minnesota and spent a couple hours at the Mall of America to kill off time before my flight back to LA. I came across the Minnesota Wild Team store and so badly wanted to buy something just because I was hockey starved. I don't care about the Wild but I wanted to buy something hockey related and be near to it. Alas, I didn't step into the store in fear of what I might do. Hockey, please come back now.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jack vs. Denis

I know Jack hasn't put up the numbers that some people (*cough* myself *cough*) thought he would, but I have no doubt that even if he doesn't develop into an offensive defensiveman he'll still be incredibly valuable in the next two years. When I heard the news that Jack Johnson signed a two-year contract for a cap hit of a mere $1.425 million/year I was shocked because I couldn't believe someone actually agreed to a contract for less than 19 years and that his cap hit was under $2 million/season.

(Photo: LA Kings)JMFJ!!

From a "numbers" point of view, the monetary value of his contract makes sense. He hasn't had a significant offensive presence that was on display in his college years, but that could be because of Crow's coaching style, the Kings' lack of success during his time in LA, and, most definitely, his injury in the '08-'09 season. From a "name" and "potential" point of view, the cap hit is miniscule. I applaud Lombardi and Jack for agreeing to this contract because I cannot stand it when GMs give in to incredibly long-term contracts and I abhor even more athletes (i.e. NFL rookies) who expect large contracts solely on their potential to be a deciding factor.

I thought Jack would sign in the $2.5-$3 million range for around 3-4 years so I'm thoroughly pleased with the agreed contract. It gives Jack the time to prove his value while allowing Lombardi room to work his magic in the years to come without being locked down to a contract that could be problematic. I'm all for compensating players fairly so if Jack proves that he belongs in the top ranks of NHL defensemen than I will gladly see him be rewarded by the Kings or another team if the Kings have enough depth to wave goodbye to a price that doesn't fit the team's building process.

With that said, how in the world did ex-King Denis Grebeshkov just sign a one-year contract with the Oilers for $3.15 million. Umm....really?

(Photo: Gerry Thomas/Getty Images)

Him? Sure, he has more career points than Jack, but points don't mean everything. He was pretty much useless in the Kings system and I think the Oilers are severely overpaying for him. I wonder what athletes think when they see someone, who may be considered below their value, sign for a lot more. I'm glad the Kings traded Grebeshkov and did not let go of Johnson. There's a lot of upside to him and with a stable, (dare I say, "strong") defense, possibly some confidence from Murray, and hopefully an injury-free season I think he'll show some major improvement in terms of offensive production and smart defense.

P.S. I heart Jack even more because he looks just like this hot Chicago Detective that helped me with an incident I had when I was in the City a month ago. *sigh* I really hope Jack does well this season.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Ryan Smyth?? Noooo......

Connie just texted me that the Kings traded for Ryan Smyth and I can't say I'm thrilled about it. TSN doesn't have much info about the trade yet and I suppose my sick to the stomach feeling stems from the fear that the Kings gave up too much for him. I suppose only time will tell if this trade is a good one, but right now I don't have a good feeling about this one.

Him? Really?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

2009 NHL Entry Draft

I really wanted Brayden Schenn to be a King when I saw him sitting with his brother during the 2008 Draft. The analysts talked a bit about the younger Schenn and how he would definitely be a good pick in 2009. With the Kings in the 5th spot there wasn't much hype surrounding this year's draft so I hardly paid much attention to it. I figured the Kings wouldn't be able to draft Tavares or Hedman so I'm glad they were able to snag Schenn (and hopefully piss off the evil Burke).

According to the Kings report:

In 70 games with Brandon, the native of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, scored 32 goals and 56 assists for 88 along with 82 minutes and an impressive plus-20 rating. Schenn was outstanding in the postseason, totaling 8 goals and 18 points in 12 playoff games. He also earned a reputation as a standout two-way player with the kind of game that can succeed in the playoffs -- something the Kings haven't made since the 2001-02 season.

In the Kings Q&A with Schenn he described what he can bring to the team:

A two-way game. I am a forward who has some grit and I see the ice pretty well. The main thing is that I play physical. I bring an all-around game.

So far there's no indication that he's a shoo-in for the '09-'10 roster but he's someone who can develop into a player that the Kings need, a solid two-way forward who can score. The Kings have definitely placed a large emphasis on defense and some players (*cough* Frolov *cough*) were essentially punished for not playing defensively enough.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Pens Win It All in '09

Wow, I did not expect the Pittsburgh Penguins to win the Cup this year.

(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Hey Hossa, where's your Cup?

I still can't believe how awesome the ending was to this series with Lidstrom unable to tie the game in the final seconds as Fleury threw himself into the shot for the Cup winning save. Unreal.

You gotta hand it to the Pens because it seemed like from the start of the series Detroit was going to stomp all over them. Even though I was rooting for Detroit during the entire playoffs, it was nice to see another team dethrone the Wings. So...where will Hossa end up next season?

Crawford is Back Behind the Bench

Of course it was a matter of time before a team hired Marc Crawford but I definitely did not expect the Dallas Stars to fire Dave Tippet and immediately hire Crow in his place. Crow may have a winning record as a coach but I still can get past how horrible the Kings played in front of him for two seasons. I also can't get over how infuriating it was to see him play Cloutier over and over again, forcing the idea that he was the Kings' number one netminder when it was crystal clear that he wasn't. I'm not saying that any of the other 307 backups/replacements should have been the clear cut Number 1, but Cloutier should have earned that spot and not had it handed to him.

The Dallas Stars are very different team than the LA Kings, but as Cat points out in her assessment of the hiring, the Stars have a number of youngsters who are still in the learning process and bunch of veterans, in particular Mike Modano, who are now in a different role on the team. I do wish the Stars the best considering they're my second favorite Pacific Division team and hopefully with Marc Crawford guiding the team they'll be able to help the Kings by taking down the Sharks and Ducks.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stanley Cup Finals: What is wrong with NBC?

What is up with NBCs lighting during the Stanley Cup Finals? Ever single game on NBC this series has been on the verge of being unwatchable, and I'm talking Fox Sports Network unwatchable. If I wasn't a hockey fan I would not watch these games. Each game (and each period) starts out perfectly fine. But as the period goes on, the lighting in certain parts of the ice become so glaringly bright that you cannot even see the lines (red line, blue line, circle, and faceoff dots) painted on the ice. I noticed that in Detroit the glare is at center ice, but in Pittsburgh the glare is at each end, with the "home shoots twice" end having the most glare. I haven't read any complaints on the blogosphere and I'm trying to figure out why no one else has mentioned it. After the first two games in Detroit I thought it could have been my TV but the next two games in Pittsburgh that were televised on Versus were lit well. The following two games on NBC, one in Detroit and the other in Pittsburgh, had the same glare issue. You may think that the whiter the ice the better it is to see the puck, but the ice isn't just whiter, there's a glare to it so that the puck gets momentarily lost as it moves through the "glare" zones. Has anyone else noticed this problem??

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Havlat gets Kronwall'd

I enjoy big hits like any other crazy hockey fan, but the emotional, sympathetic human side of me does appear when things look scary.  Case in point, when Havlat got absolutely destroyed by Kronwall in tonight's game that eventually ended in OT with the 'Hawks finally getting a win over Detroit.  

When I first saw the hit happen it just looked like a big hit a la Scott Stevens on Eric Lindros, but Havlat's motionless body was gut-wrenching, much much worse than when Umberger was leveled three years ago by Brian Campbell. I mean seriously, who didn't get nervous watching Havlat look like a rag doll while the guys on the ice tried to dish out deserving retaliations. I still don't know how Havlat was capable of getting off the ice without the aid of a stretcher.

As for the game itself, I'm not sure if I should be amazed that Detroit can play half a game and be this close to winning it or that they're not up 3-0 in this series. Because of the hit, it was good to see the 'Hawks win this game, especially at home, but Detroit is definitely moving onto the Cup Finals.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

'Canes and Wings

AP Photo
Yeah, Carolina!!!

My mindset for Game 6 in both of these series was "I'm going to lose my sh*t if the Ducks/Bruins win". However, today I had a feeling that the teams I was rooting for, the 'Canes and the Wings, were going to win. No question, these games were in the bag.

Was anyone else concerned that one of the two Game 7 games was going to be a huge disappointing blowout like the embarrassing one-sided Pens/Caps Game 7? Both games tonight were very exciting and I was worried for awhile during the Carolina/Boston OT that both teams looked so equally matched that it was very possible for the game to enter multiple OT frames.

I only caught the final 5 minutes of the Wings/Ducks Game 7 and was shocked to find the score tied at 3, especially considering I left work with the knowledge that the Wings had a 2-0 lead. I was even more stunned to see how slowly both teams were moving. It looked like Zetterberg's skates were frozen to the ice. Getzlaf lumberly skated with the puck. It appeared that the game was going to head into 3 lifeless overtimes until Cleary ended the deadlock with the game winner. I expected Anaheim to fight like hell in the final minutes, but they still looked slow and didn't have any extra jump normally associated with a team that has a one-goal deficit in the waning seconds of a Game 7.

AP Photo
awwwww, B-Stu!!

I know some people didn't really want Detroit to win because they're Detroit and always win, but I was rooting for Detroit and not just because I cannot stand the Ducks. During the regular season I get annoyed with Detroit winning, but during the playoffs I feel the need to give credit where it is due and Detroit never fails to deliver good hockey. But don't get me wrong, it felt A.W.E.S.O.M.E. to see the Ducks get eliminated.


I still don't understand my obsession with the Carolina Hurricanes but I wanted them to win this series so badly. They didn't look very good in the two games where they surrendered a total of 8 goals, but they played well in the others. Like a lot of hot goalies in the playoffs, when Cam Ward is on he can absolutely steal games (and steal your heart because he's just so damn adorable!). It's crazy that he has never lost a playoff series. He'll eventually lose one, but I still think he's going to lead the 'Canes to the Cup Finals.

AP Photo

In case you haven't figured it out, I haven't changed my initial predictions for the Cup Finals:
Detroit v. Carolina

Thursday, April 30, 2009

'08-'09 Playoffs: 2nd Round

If I was a true Carolina fan, I would have been rioting the streets of Raleigh the other night. But as it is, I'm only a fan of Carolina when it comes to the playoffs so instead of wreaking havoc on an already shitty city, I just jumped up and down and squealed like a schoolgirl when I saw on Versus's ticker that Carolina had tied the game. Then I lost my shit when I saw on the Yahoo Sports boxscore that Carolina won the game just seconds after tying it. I can't even imagine what true Carolina fans feel like. I mean, that kind of awesome isn't supposed to happen when you're on the road in the playoffs in Game 7. It only would have been more ridiculous if it had happened in the Cup Finals. Brodeur must feel like how Marty Turco does every time he steps foot in Staples Center and blows a multi-goal lead...times 1,000. It's not that I wanted to see Jersey fail, as I did so viciously with San Jose, it's just that I really wanted Carolina to advance.

On to the Second Round Predictions!

Eastern Conference

(1) Boston v. (6) Carolina

Prediction: I have no idea what Boston is capable of considering I've only seen them play for 6 minutes when they lost to the Kings in March. But I'm sticking with Carolina!

(2) Washington v. (4) Pittsburgh

Prediction: I'm still recovering from Avery being knocked out of the playoffs. I'm rooting for Pittsburgh.

Western Conference

(2) Detroit v. (8) Anaheim

Prediction: I think we can all agree that Anaheim is one of the strongest eighth seeds ever. Still though, Anaheim knew how to handle San Jose, but I don't think they can keep up with the Wings. Detroit all the way.

(3) Vancouver v. (4) Chicago

Prediction: OMG, did anyone see Jokinen in the post-game/series conference? Woah, HD does not do him any favors....oh, by the way, Vancouver advances.

Monday, April 27, 2009

'08-'09 Sharks....Hahahaha

I'm sure it was my emotions that convinced me the Sharks would never make it to the Stanley Cup Finals, but I objectively decided once the match-ups were determined that the Anaheim Ducks would eliminate and embarrass the Sharks. I figured that the only two teams capable of beating the Sharks were the Detroit Red Wings and the Anaheim Ducks. How fitting that St. Louis would have a miraculously run to end the season and land in the 6th spot, leaving the Ducks to face off against the Sharks.

(Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
San Jose, it's called "The JR Curse"

So what feels worse? Being a fan of a team that never makes the playoffs or rooting for a team that has a 53-18-11 record that includes only 9 total losses at home, wins the President's Trophy, boasts an incredible lineup of Thornton, Cheechoo, Marleau, Boyle, Blake, Nabokov, Pavelski, and, don't forget, Mr. Claude Lemieux and Jeremy Roenick, that seems on paper to be a lock for the Cup, but the only award they go home with is the "Biggest Chokers Ever" award? At least I know what to expect from my team. Thank you LA Kings for not leading me on.

And in case you haven't noticed, I don't think there is anything wrong with rooting for a team to fail. Anaheim is next on my list and I think Detroit will kick them out of the playoffs in 6.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2009 Playoffs: Round 1 Predictions!

It's been ages since I last posted! Before I write about the Kings ending their season, here are my predictions for the first round of the 2009 Playoffs:

Anaheim over San Jose
Detroit over Columbus (Detroit is headed to the Finals)
St. Louis over Vancouver
Calgary over Blackhawks (I bet Cammalleri will have 11 goals in this matchup...ugh.)

Boston over Montreal
Capitals over Rangers
Carolina over Devils (I'm saying it now, Carolina is going to the Cup Finals)
Pittsburgh over Philly

When real life stops getting in the way, I'll have a more in-depth post about something hockey related, preferably about the Kings.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Kings 1, Sharks 2 (SO)

7 rounds. 7. I'm impressed the Kings made it through 3 rounds without losing and it's such a heartbreaker to see them lose to the San Jose Sharks in the 7th round of the shootout. Kopitar hit the post, Jack snipered one in, Doughty had 1,000 touches but Nabokov never flinched, Brown ran out of room and never got a final whack on the puck, Frolov shot it wide, Handzus, who I was positive was going to end it, did something unremarkable, and Purcell had to tie it to keep it going but failed when Nabokov got his pads on it.

The guys played alright tonight. They definitely looked outplayed in the first and third periods, but were thankfully able to score the equalizer in the second period. They held their own and despite having to play frantic defense for a lot of the game they came out with one point. The Kings penalty kill did a fantastic job of keeping the puck out of the net on 8 Sharks power plays, but Ersberg is probably the one who deserves the most credit since the guy was phenomenal tonight.

What is Marleau doing?

San Jose's goal came off a shot from just inside the blueline that was perfectly deflected by Michalek. When the play happened it looked like Ersberg didn't even move as the puck sailed past him. On the replay it was clearly visible that Ersberg didn't have a chance on that one. This game could have easily ended in the middle of the third period but Ersberg continued to stonewall the Sharks with huge saves. A tiny step to advance the Kings in the standings and hopefully a slight confidence booster knowing they can play with the top team.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ersberg in Directv Commercial

Not sure if this commercial is national or only shown locally but Erik Ersberg is in a DIRECTV commercial.

I don't know how long it's been on the air but I first heard about it today from my fiance and I saw it today when I was watching an episode of 'Friday Night Lights' that I recorded from last Friday. First Aubin, now Ersberg. How many other Kings goaltenders are in the pipeline to be in a commercial?

And speaking of 'Friday Night Lights', Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton have got to be the absolute best married TV couple. They are amazing together on-screen. And how many of you got teary-eyed when Tim Riggins realized he lost his best friend to the NYC? It's so heart breaking watching Tim Riggins get emotional.

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Sunday, March 8, 2009

O'Sullivan Out, Williams In

Well, I can't say I'm shocked O'Sullivan was traded since I had a feeling on the eve of the trade deadline that he could be moved. The more I thought about Sully the more I came to believe that he wasn't one of Lombardi's "core players", something I've been questioning since the off-season when it took months and months for Sully and the Kings to come to terms on a contract.

He missed most of training camp, which caused him to begin the season not on the same line with his old linemates, Brown and Kopitar. I took Sully's lack of instant chemistry with his linemates (and he had plenty) as a sign that he was rusty from not having been at training camp. But the more he was shifted around the lineup the more I began to think his time in LA was limited. He began to look like Cammalleri Version 2.0; had a strong outing in one season, demanded a high-paying contract, lacked the same production the following season, and was on the down and out with the fanbase.

The Kings have a lot of players around Sully's age and Lombardi always stressed the importance of having enough players at different stages of their careers. Justin Williams is on the older end of the age scale and has more successful outings than O'Sullivan. He has a lot more experience than Sully and when he's not injured, he's a fantastic player. Along with Brind'Amour, Cole, and Staal, Williams was one of the core players that was instrumental in bringing the Cup to Carolina. In the first year of the "New NHL" I was very taken with that Carolina team and was impressed with Williams' play, specifically in the playoffs since that's when I watched him the most. He reminds me of Handzus, but more of a goal-scorer.

The good 'J. Williams'

I'm sad to see Sully go, especially since he made huge strides between his rookie season and first full NHL year. He has the potential to be a great goal scorer but the Kings will benefit from having a bigger player who already is the player the Kings need. My excitement for him is almost as big as when the Kings signed Handzus. I can't wait to see him in a Kings jersey.

Kings World Podcast: Episode 31

In this week's episode of Kings World Podcast, Connie and I are joined by Greener of the blog, He Score, He Shoot. Our intelligent discussion of the Kings, Leafs, and NHL trades is intermittently interrupted by background noise since we were podcasting outside a local Starbucks. In addition to the usual game reviews and previews, Greener gives us the lowdown of his confusion over Wayne Simmonds being in the NHL and his mancrush for Mats Sundin, Connie lets us in on her dream of encountering Matt Moulson, and I excitedly discuss the return of Sean Avery to the NHL.

Please send all feedback, questions, and comments to kingsworldpodcast[at]gmail[dot]com.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kings 5, Stars 4 (OT)

Thanks Yahoo! for not refreshing the boxscore and making me think for 4 hours that the Kings lost 4-3 tonight (I wish I had evidence of this). Only now did I finally go to the Yahoo! NHL homepage to find out that the Kings beat the Stars 5-4 in Overtime. For a second I thought there was another reporting error, like the one where Jack Johnson was called 'Jackson', because the whole night I was upset thinking the Kings had lost and were edging closer to the Western Conference basement floor.

Another 'Thank You' goes to the local LA TV stations for not broadcasting this game; Gotta love it when home games aren't televised.

This win is quite amazing because the Kings came from behind, Kopitar tied it up with 14 seconds left in regulation, and then Handzus clinched the winner with a Hat Trick! How sweet is it to have the game winner be your hat trick. Awesome.

AP PhotoI told you he would be good this year. I heart Handzus.

So Handzus had 3 goals tonight, Frolov and Kopitar each had 1 goal and 2 assists and Doughty had 2 assists. Kopitar may not be scoring as many goals this season compared to last year but he's definitely netting the clutch goals. How many game tying goals in the waning seconds does he have this season? I think I can count three within the past month. Kopi is such a stud.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Season Over.

After losing to Chicago on Sunday and then losing again tonight to Columbus, the Kings season is over. Done. Fini. When I can't get excited about watching a game, I just know it's over.

The Kings have 21 games remaining this season but I don't think it's possible for them to win enough games to secure the eighth playoff spot in the West. Especially considering the way they've been playing as of late and how well some of the teams they're chasing have been playing. When the Kings play solid defense, they can't score. Yet when they find the back of the net they don't play well on defense. They won't finish last in the league or 29th, but I am worried that if they don't shape up soon they may find themselves sitting in last place in the Western Conference.

And to make matters worse, Jason LaBarbera is Mr. March in the Kings calendar; I'm going to have to replace him with someone else...probably Frolov.

The trade deadline is tomorrow. I didn't expect the Kings to be very active before tonight's game occurred and now that they lost the game, I definitely don't expect anything big. The team is in a selling position but the players most teams would want will not be traded unless it's an unbelievable deal that would have several highly touted prospects and/or high draft picks coming to LA. I could definitely see Kyle Calder being traded because he's a very gritty, in-your-face player that isn't afraid to go in the corners and do the dirty work. He hasn't taken as many dumb penalties lately and has proven that he can play well and even notch some points.

The only player I could see being dealt that would probably shock fans is Patrick O'Sullivan. He had an incredibly long contract dispute with the team over the off-season and he hasn't thrived offensively this year compared to last season (sounds a little too much like the Cammalleri situation). He's been shuffled around the lineup playing anywhere from the top line with Kopi and Brown to the fourth line. He's currently on the checking line with Handzus and Simmonds. He's a solid player but hasn't regained the scoring touch he had last year. However, the Kings have him for one more year on the cheaps, which is a pretty big reason to keep him.

Overall, I don't expect much to happen in LA tomorrow, probably just one minor trade. But, of course, I'll be glued to the interwebs all day, checking to see which teams go all in hoping to make the one crucial trade that will help them win the Cup.

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Monday, March 2, 2009

Kings World Podcast - Episode 30

The Kings went 1-2-0 in the past week and I am not a happy camper. Connie is a little more optimistic but you can definitely sense our disappointment in this week's Kings World Podcast episode. We were pleased the Kings beat the Wild (in a shootout!!) but were sad to see them fall to Philly and Detroit. We wonder who will step up and be the go-to goal scorer on the team because the Kings need to put up some goals.

We preview this week's games against Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, and Minnesota and how the results from the first two games will impact their position at the Trade Deadline.

Please give us some feedback or direct questions to kingsworldpodcast[at]gmail[dot]com.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kings 4, Ducks 3

All day I kept thinking that if the Kings beat the Ducks tonight then they would make the playoffs. I was a nervous nelly for parts of the game but Kings fans can thank Scotty Neidermayer for the win tonight. Thank you, Scotty, for being a complete idiot and running into Quick with a Pronger-esque elbow. Although, I doubt Pronger was proud of the hit because if Scotty had executed the move how Pronger showed him, Quick's helmet would have come off. Regardless, Kings capitalized on Scotty's laziness and lack of composure.

For all the griping I do about listening to ridiculous comments and questions from non-hockey fans, having to listen to Brian Hayward on the TV broadcast is infinitely more aggravating. Here's a text exchange between me and my brother regarding our dislike of Hayward and the Ducks (extra notes in italics):

Bro: F**k. I HATE the Ducks. (This was sent after the Ducks scored their third goal)

Me: Haha, I hate them more and more every time I watch them play

Bro: Is Bob Miller announcing any channel? I cannot f**king stand Brian Gayward. I'm at [girlfriend's] place so she only has basic cable.

Me: No because it is in Anaheim. These announcers are terrible. (Not being able to listen to Bob Miller while watching the Kings should be illegal)

Bro: Seriously. I wonder if Anaheim fans hate Jim Foxx (not quite sure why there are two x's). Because that's stupid - Jim Foxx (again with the 2 x's) is unbeatable. It's not possible. Science has proved it.

Bro: Phew! F**k yeah! (after the Kings won)

Bro: Ugh. Brian Gayward just said that getzlaf was the best player on the ice. What a joke. And that's why I hate the ducks.

Me: Getzlaf is so gross (seriously, have you seen him try to smile? And that hair....blech) and Gayward is so f'ing retarded. I am so glad they won.

As you can tell, (a) we're definitely related, (b) we're quite mature with our descriptions, and (c) we're 100% correct about Brian Hayward. How is he still on the Ducks broadcast?

So the Kings won about those playoffs...On one hand I don't really see the Kings as a playoff team, but on the other hand, if Columbus is hanging onto a playoff spot, then the Kings can get in there too. No way the BJs are a better team than the Kings.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Kings 6, Thrashers 7 (SO)

F, F, F, F, etc. Sucks to see them lose in the shootout after coming back from a three goal deficit twice. (In case you didn't see my thoughts during the game, here are my mid-game notes from after the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd periods.)

The Kings need to learn to be composed and play smart during the first period so they don't find themselves playing catch up the rest of the game, something they've done in the past three games. They played a terrible first half of the first period and had several other breakdowns throughout the game that led to goals, but other than that, they played well. The power play was clicking tonight and Ersberg had a decent game, especially considering he hasn't played since January. He kept the Kings in the game with saves on two breakaways. Ersberg and Quick deserved a better outing from the rest of the squad.

Focusing on the positives, it was quite something to watch this team fight all game long trying to tie it. I was this close to turning off the game not only when Atlanta went up 3-0, but also when they went up 6-3. However, I kept thinking the Kings could still come back and I just couldn't bring myself to change the channel. Even though they lost in shootout, like Saturday's game against the Oilers, it was amazing watching these guys tie it as the clock ticked down. While the Kings really need to get two points in each game they can't afford to walk away with zero, so sending the game to OT is absolutely imperative. The Kings are still on the playoff bubble and watching them attempt to tie it with an empty net on the opposite end of the rink makes it seem like I'm watching a playoff game. The playoff hunt isn't over yet. Now, if only the Kings can find a way to win shootouts.

This has nothing to do with the Kings, but I just couldn't resist the caption.

Kings 6, Thrashers 6: end of regulation

Kopitar tied it with 5 seconds left in the game!!
This game is so incredibly ridiculous.

Kings 3, Thrashers 5: End of the 2nd

Just when it looked the Kings were going to tie the game and Ersberg was going to part the sea, the Thrashers pissed on the Kings' comeback party by scoring a shorthanded goal in the waning seconds of the second period.

It's the second intermission and Zack Bogosian just called Mathieu Schneider his best friend during an interview with FSN correspondent Patrick O'Neal. Dude, isn't that Schneider guy ancient? Schneider the Mentor? Totally Understandable. Schneider the Best Friend to a kid born in the '90s? C.R.E.E.P.Y.

And speaking of Bogosian, he's pretty easy on the eyes. Connie warned me before the TV broadcast began that my TV might melt if the camera focused on him too much. I finally figured out who he reminds me of: the actor who played Jack O'Callahan in the most awesomest US sports movie ever made, 'Miracle' (and if you don't agree, you don't deserve to live in the best country in the world).

Bogosian and "Jack O'Callahan" (aka Michael Matenuto)
Similarity? They're both hot stuff

Kings 2, Thrashers 4: End of the 1st

Ummm....what is happening?! It's like the world has come to an end.

When I found out the Ducks lost to Atlanta last night by a score of 8-4 I laughed my arse off. Now I want to cry. I don't know when I felt worse: when Atlanta opened the scoring, when they went up 3-0, or scored their 4th goal approximately 30 seconds after Jack got the Kings on the board.

This sucks! At least there are two more periods for the Kings to allow 4 more goals to take the lead.

C'mon guys, win this game. Don't make the kitties cry.