Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kings 2, Flames 6. Woof.

Wow...what happened?! Judging by the boxscore, since I don't have Center Ice and I don't have much luck listening to Kings games on the radio, here's what I can deduce:

  • Ersberg finally got lit up
  • Boyle and Army were each a -3 and Ivanans was a -2; well done 4th line
  • Former King Craig Conroy had 3 assists; he's really good at playing the Kings
  • Curtis Glencross (WHO?!) had 1 goal, 2 assists and was a +3
  • Dustin Brownie had 7 shots and 0 goals; and
  • Kopitar got another last minute goal

Yikes, that's gotta hurt! I don't know what else to say but that finally a team found a way to exploit the Kings' weakness. So, how much longer till the Kings recall Purcell, Lewis, and/or Moulson?

Monday, November 24, 2008

Kings World Podcast - Episode 19

After a short hiatus, Connie and I are back with another Podcast Episode! It's a tad bit longer than usual since we review two weeks' worth of games and preview three games for the upcoming week. We gripe about a couple Kings players and give the appropriate "Atta Boy" to deserving players. Send any comments, feedback, or suggestions to the podcast email: kingsworldpodcast[at]gmail[dot]com.

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Zeiler? Are You Kidding Me?

Zeiler is such a dipshit*.

Why is he even in the lineup? He seriously has a negative contribution to this team**. Check this amazing stat:

In 3:25 of ice time, Zeiler caused the team to be shorthanded for 5 minutes, which would have been more if the Avs didn't get a 2 minute penalty on the same play. In fact, Zeiler accumulated 19 minutes in penalties and was only on the ice for 3:25. Even if you don't include the 10-minute game misconduct, Zeiler had almost 3 times as many minutes in penalties than he did playing on the ice. Derek Armstrong must feel like absolute crap knowing that Zeiler is in the lineup and he's sitting on the sidelines.

*I don't like Adam Foote, but I'm glad he's ok. Hopefully Zeiler's ridiculously unnecessary hit will convince Coach Murray that he doesn't deserve to be in the lineup.

**Actually, the only positive contribution he made to the game tonight was getting himself thrown out so he couldn't taint the team anymore with his awfulness. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the NHL suspends him because he blatantly gave Foote an extra shove into the boards head first. I hope the NHL suspends him for the rest of the season so Murray can't even think about putting him in the lineup.

***Woah, the Kings just scored two goals while I wrote this post. Maybe I should keep blogging....

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kyle Calder, Get Off the Ice!

"Meh, I'm such a weenie.
I have lady parts.
Brown is such a badass that when I ran into him I hurt myself.
I'm a bigger whiner than Crosby.
I think I'm better than everyone else because I'm Russian.
Oh damn, that Slovenian kid is pretty good.
Why are the fans booing me?? I'm "injured" they should be applauding me since I got up.
Oh right, they're booing because I'm a girl and I have sand in my vagina."

Kings 5, Capitals 2. Here's what each player's goal said:

Doughty: "I'm still awesome."
O'Sullivan: "That's right bitches!"
Brown: "Suuuuuuuuuck it, Ovechkin!!!!"
Handzus: "Will Coach take Calder off my line?"
Kopitar: "Fuck y'all!"

My biggest gripe about the game was that Kyle Calder got 15:36 of playing time, which is 10 minutes more than he should have gotten. He played alongside Handzus and Simmonds on the third line, or as Murray calls it, the checking line, which apparently means that he has to be on the ice all the damn time regardless of how horrible he does. Seriously people, that was the absolute worst game I have ever seen Calder play. He continuously fumbled the puck failing on many occassion to cleanly collect the puck and make a decent pass or scoring attempt. And I lost count of all the scoring opportunities that never occurred because he turned it over despite his linemates doing everything they could to give him a prime scoring chance. There were several fans in my section that started shouting, "Get Calder off the ice!!!" because it seemed like he f'ed up something on every single shift and it killed me that he continued to receive so much playing time. At least the Kings won otherwise this post would have been a full blown "I hate Calder" rant.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

At Last: Kopi-Sully-Brownie

"Hi Sully! I missed you!" "Hey Guys, it's so good to see you!" =)

At last, my love has come along
My lonely days are over
And life is like a song
Oh, yeah, at last
The skies above are blue
My heart was wrapped up in clovers
The night I looked at you
I found a dream that I could speak to
A dream that I can call my own
I found a thrill to rest my cheek to
A thrill that I have never known
Oh, yeah when you smile, you smile
Oh, and then the spell was cast
And here we are in heaven
For you are mine
At last
-Etta James

My only concern is how long Murray will allow these three lovebirds to play on the same line together. Last time the reunion only lasted one game. According to the LA Times article (what, hockey articles in the LA Times?! actually, it's been surprisingly better this season) Murray's move is intended to spark some scoring, particularly from the top line. Brown's response to the move is exactly what you would expect to hear from someone reuniting with his long lost lover:

"Obviously there is a little more speed," Brown said. "Sully brings more of a scoring presence. Calds was more of a playmaker. There are things Calds did that you'd come to expect, the way he gets in there and gets the puck. They just play different games."

I think what Brown means is you couldn't always rely on Calder since whenever he got the puck you never expected to see it again since he usually coughed it up pretty easily. Regardless, Thank God, these three will be playing together because forcing Sully to pick up the slack on the fourth line is an insult to the guy and doesn't really say, "you're a core player", when it's obvious that he is. Let's hope the trio can get the scoring started in Thursday's game against Ovechkin and Seamen Semen Semin.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Kings v. Anaheim

Apparently Anaheim got jealous that LA was all over the news with constant updates of a wildfire so Anaheim had to go get their own wildfire. In the midst of inhaling worse than normal air, here are my keys to the game:

1. Specialty Teams - Last night the Kings had the chance to end it when they got a power play late in the game. When they couldn't capitalize on the man advantage and fumbled the puck allowing the Preds to break into the zone causing the Kings to take a penalty to thwart the scoring opportunity, they found themselves fighting to prevent a goal-ahead goal. The penalty kill unit couldn't stop the Preds and the Kings couldn't tie the game. The Ducks are notorious for taking tons of penalties so if the Kings can get the power play working, they'll be golden tonight.

2. Calder - Kopitar - Brown: One of those things is unlike the other. Maybe it's because I constantly have a magnifying glass over Calder, but I notice flaw after flaw after flaw. Get that guy off the first line and either on the fourth line where he belongs or on the bench.

3. Simmonds - Handzus - Ivanans: Once again, one of those things is unlike the other. Handzus and Simmonds are fine players and deserve to have a linemate who won't inhibit their play.

4. Physical Play - The Ducks will be physical and the Kings need to match their physical play to stay in the game.

5. Limit Gauthier's Ice Time - Looks can only take this guy so far.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Shootout Win!

4 starts, 3 wins, pretty damn solid goaltending.

Ersberg is definitely giving Barbs a run for the No. 1 spot.

Monday, November 10, 2008

FSN says, "F You" to Kings Fans

Earlier today Rich Hammond of Inside the Kings linked to an article in the OC Register about how Tom Feuer, executive producer for FSN, has decided to keep broadcasting Kings games using the Rinkside View. Please read the article. It's amazing how little FSN cares about the fans.

There are some pretty good comments on the article. The Best comment ever:

"Can’t believe I actually prefer KDOC to FSW"

So true. I caught the Ducks/Stars game on KDOC and despite the fuzziness, horrible quality, and Bryan Hayward, I sat there in complete happiness because KDOC was televising the game from the normal camera angle so I could actually see what was going on.

I'm seriously thinking of boycotting all Kings games televised using the Rinkside View. I'm so sick of this shit.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Kings v. Panthers...

I won't be able to watch tonight's game and since I missed Tuesday's game against the Ducks that means I'll both games Ersberg starts. I was actually really looking forward to seeing him start a game so I'm bummed that I'll have to wait at least two more days before I do and maybe even more if tonight doesn't go well.

I'm really frustrated with the Kings' losing streak. They started the season looking fine but then once things started looking suspect everything started falling apart. It's still early in the season to judge Terry Murray, but so far I am not a fan of his recent changes to the lineup. How can you constantly mix things up and expect there to be some consistency? How is the top line still not set? Why is Harrold playing up top? Is he really that much better than Moulson or Purcell? Is it better in long run to have a player who is less talented be in the lineup in order to allow more-skilled players develop their game in the AHL just a bit further? And why do I care this much? Every year when I get down about the Kings' play I question why I get so emotionally involved. I supposed it's because following the Kings is a hobby for me. And since following a sports team isn't something that I "practice" and "get better at" like sewing, knitting or scrapbooking, the satisfaction I get from my hobby is fully dependent upon the performance by the Kings. When I sense myself getting too frustrated (over something I can't control), I remind myself, it's just a game and they'll win eventually. Hobbies are supposed to be fun. Following the Kings is supposed to fun. So I just have to take it one game at a time.

Kings v. Panthers prediction
Kings 3, Panthers 1