Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Game is NOT Televised?!

Ahhhh, I HATE it when my Kings are not televised!

I HATE it even more when I don't realize they're not televised
until I turn on the TV and see college football on Fox Sports channel
and the F'ing Ducks on the other Fox Sports channel!

I'm steamed!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Kings 0, Thrashers 7?....WTF.......

these blowout games always seem to happen once a year

(AP Photo)

let's just pretend this game didn't happen

Monday, November 9, 2009

Live blog of Kings v. Hawks...on Versus!?

woah...does Versus realize they're broadcasting a Kings game?  I can't even remember the last time Versus showed a Kings game.  Hopefully the Kings will have a better outing tonight than what they had on Saturday versus the Predators; Kopitar and Co. have to show the rest of the hockey world what they're missing out on.

Stay tuned shortly for the live blog of the Kings v. Hawks game.

Pre-Game Talk
- I really dislike listening to Joe Beninati.  It sounds like he's trying too hard.

awesome pic, courtesy of Bangin Panger

- Oh Chicago, how I wish to never visit that city again.
- Not sure what I think of Blondie...she's ok.

alright boys, let's start this game.  5 bucks on Brown (cleanly) destroying Toews in the first period.

First Period
20:00 - Why is there a bluish hue?  I know games always look darker in Chicago, but this is a little much.

18:13 - Neither team has established control; play keeps going back and forth...

17:34 - Chicago had the best chance on a rebound from the outer edge of the circle.  But good recovery by Quick to stop the 'Hawks.

17:08 - Nice check by Greene!

16:20 - Nice interception by Brown but Stoll rushed the backhand attempt

15:35 - pretty good cross ice movement by the 'Hawks.  Another camera shot of Terry Murray looking like he always does: bored.

14:38 - good stop by Quick (and no rebound!) on a rush by  Byfjdoi87lggleen....or whatever his name is.

14:20 - oh Stoll! get it on NET!

13:09 - is it just  me or is this game boring?  the teams look fairly evenly matched, which means both teams are doing a good job of limiting the opposition to very few chances.

12:30 - Rookie Scott Parse had a decent shot on net.  He's definitely been outplaying Teddy Purcell and deserves the spot alongside Stoll and Brown.

11:35 - Fourth line out on the ice....I wonder how the Kings would do with only 3 lines...

10:37 - Kopi had a great takeaway and fed it to Williams who powered it wide...

9:58 - Kane has a very white mouthguard...I'd like to see Brownie rip it out of his mouth.

9:00 - the Handzus-Frolov-Simmonds line had a good shift

8:25 - how the hell does Patrick Sharp have so many points against us??

7:28 - holy shit Quick, could that rebound have been any bigger??  he's lucky the 'Hawks weren't in good position to jump on the puck

6:22 - Shots are even at 9

5:18 - This game reminds me of Saturday's game against Nashville except with a tad bit more energy.

4:24 - the fourth line actually had a short cycle going...

3:48 - Nice defense by Scuderi.  He couldn't have played that any better.

2:26 - Parse-Stoll-Brown looking good.....and Brown and Eager both going off for penalties.  Brown is usually good at drawing penalties, but this time he got caught diving.  Boo!

0:00 - not too much action in this period....Blackhawaks had more chances, but nothing too heart-stopping.  I hope this game picks up.

more after the jump....jump!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Kings 1, Preds 3: I'm bad luck

Today was the third Kings home game I attended this season and the third Kings home loss this season.  Is it too much to ask of the Hockey Gods that the Kings win when I go see them play?  It's frustrating and it's gotten to the point that my friends are now blaming me for their home losses.  I think their goodwill has ended and I won't be seeing anymore free tickets this season.  :(

I was really looking forward to today's afternoon game against the Predators, especially since the Kings just came off an awesome 5-2 home win against the Pens on Thursday night.  But nooooooo, the Kings couldn't play that well two games in a row.  Instead, the Kings were sloppy, off kilter, lackluster, and, quite frankly, unlucky.  The teams looked evenly matched, had similar chances, but in the end, the Preds were able to bury more pucks in the net.

(Photo by Noah Graham/NHLI via Getty Images)

Quick, you need to be quicker!

Doughty probably had his second worst game of the season and Kopitar looked off as well.  Despite making some good saves throughout the game, Quick looked Slow on the first Preds goal.  He also made an ill decision in the third period when he prematurely skated off the ice during a delayed penalty just as the Kings missed a pass at the blueline and the puck went caroming down the rink towards a now empty goal.  He tried to skate back in a hurry and then THREW HIS STICK at the puck, which was fruitless since it went wide anyway.  I stared in complete disgust thinking, "there goes our man advantage" as Quick was assessed a penalty.

The third Preds goal, which came off a play where Kopitar fell over while skating backwards and ended with an U.G.L.Y. defensive play by Kopi and Quick, was a gut wrencher since the Kings had just got within 1 goal off an awesome slap shot by Stoll that was barely deflected by Brownie.  The messy defense on the last Preds goal was just another instance of sloppy play that occurred throughout the game.  It was disappointing to see so many offensive passes back to the defensemen slip by them and out of the offensive zone.  It was frustrating watching the Kings play without much energy; it's never a good sign when I can count the number of memorable hits on one hand.  And it's irritating having to convince my friends, who aren't diehard Kings like myself, that the Kings are actually good this season, despite how boring and awful the game was.  I know the Kings are capable of playing great hockey, but games like today worry me that shit's going to hit the fan and the old Kings are going to appear.

But you know what was good about this game?  The drinks we had at Trader Vic's before we got to the game.  So the next time you're heading to Staples Center for a Kings game, stop by Trader Vic's to fill up on one of their tasty beverages.  Don't worry, I won't be at the game, so there's a good possibility that the Kings will win.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Phoenix Again? Blerg.

You know what's irritating?  Watching the Kings play the Coyotes for the third time in just over 4 weeks.  The NHL schedule is so wacked out.  The Kings and Ducks haven't even faced off yet, and won't till early December, yet the Kings have played Phoenix 3 times and Dallas and San Jose each twice.  The season is barely a month old and I'm already sick of other Pacific Division teams.  And I don't care how improved and impressive the Coyotes are, I still despise watching them.  Thank goodness the New Orleans Saints were on MNF tonight giving me a valid excuse to "watch" the Kings game via the boxscore.

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

I'm beginning to like this guy...
sorry about the hateful things I said about you.

It feels good knowing the Kings beat Phoenix, especially since the Yotes always seem to have their number.  The win was also sweet since former Kings goaltender, Jason La Barbera, was in net and allowed 4 goals.  It doesn't matter how awesome Barbs is off the ice, because once it's game time I never want to see a former Kings player, especially a goaltender, play well against the Kings.  Remember when Craig Conroy was traded back to the Calgary Flames a day or two before a Kings/Flames game?  He lit up the Kings.  I loved Conroy during his short stint with the Kings, but that game was so not cool.

Anyway, my favorite part about live updates on a boxscore is seeing errors in the updates.  See below for an example:

The shot was eventually credited to Dustin Brown, but if you don't know who to credit for a shot, hit, penalty, etc. don't post the update till all information is collected.  Silly update people.

Glad to see Williams get a goal in his first game back from a hopefully minor injury that won't flare up in the near future.  Even though the Kings got points in their past two shootout losses, it's such a relief to see them get 2 points in regulation.  15 games in and the Kings are only 1 point behind San Jose.  C'mon Kings, keep up the points streak.