Monday, March 29, 2010

Kings 2, Minny 3: Ruh-Roh...

Oh my gravy, what is wrong with the Kings?  My level of frustration with the Kings reached a new high today when they failed to convert on multiple power plays including a full 2 minute 2-man advantage.  Minnesota handed them a gift and the Kings floundered it away.

It's also not a good sign when the Kings' best line is the 4th line of Scott Parse, Brad Richardson, and Wayne Simmonds.  This line not only scored the only Kings goals tonight, but also was the only line that showed any chemistry.  I was a little disappointed that even though the Simmonds line was the best producing line of the night, Murray didn't have them play on the power play.  At no other time have I ever advocated the use of Richardson on the power play but I could not, and still do not, understand why Murray would continue to use players on the man advantage who had so much difficulty tonight doing much of anything.

Additionally, here are a couple more thoughts about the  Kings' struggles in the past 4 games:

  • Where in the world has Kopitar been?  
  • Why is Peter Harrold in the lineup?
  • What has Jeff Halpern done since being traded to the Kings?
  • Is Ivanans still a King?
  • Just me or did it look like both teams were moving in slow motion tonight?
  • Something's wrong when Dustin Brown is the one getting manhandled
  • And there's also something wrong when Drew Doughty has consecutive bad games
  • How many times do you think Smyth's nose has been broken?
  • Jack MF Johnson has been very un-MF lately; and finally,
  • Would it be more embarrassing or heart-breaking if the Kings failed to clinch a playoff spot?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Counting My Eggs Before They're Hatched...But Whatever.

If the Kings make the playoffs they are going to be so screwed if they have to play Phoenix or Nashville.  I don't understand why the Kings have so much difficulty beating's borderline embarrassing.

I sort of hope that the Kings either fall to the 6th seed so they can possibly face Vancouver or take the 4th seed (and home advantage, Wooo!) while Phoenix falls to the 6th seed and Colorado finishes 5th.  Because seriously, I think the Kings will have a much better chance at beating any Northwest team not located in Calgary than they would beating Phoenix in 7 games.  And let's also pray that Nashville stays put in the 7th seed and Detroit squeaks by with the 8th seed so we can all see San Jose go home in the first round.  I'm dreaming...I know.

But, of course, first the Kings need to make the playoffs, then I can freak out about who they face in the first round.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Were Those Trades Necessary?

What do Jeff Halpern and Fredrik Modin have in common?

You can easily do without them.

I still don't understand why the Kings traded for them.  I didn't even understand why the Kings were allegedly interested in Ray Whitney, but I would prefer him over Halpern or Modin.

Both guys are in their mid-30s and not big scoring threats.  The Kings didn't give up much to get both forwards, but I don't think either guy was necessary to aid in the playoff push and give the team a solid chance in the post season.  They do give the Kings a better 4 line roster, but I don't think acquiring them was worth giving up Purcell and draft picks, even if Purcell wasn't doing much in the league.  I'm not happy about the trade and would have been content if Lombardi had just left the team the way it was if he wasn't able to secure a goal scorer.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Ryan Getzlaf: 24 going on 43

So back in June 2007 I wrote a post titled "Truly Disappointed in Bucci" in which I ranted about John Buccigross's misguided love affair with Ryan Getzlaf's hair.  For some reason in 2007 Bucci thought Getzlaf's hair ranked in the top 5 of the league.  I was flabbergasted because earlier in the season I had seen Getlzaf without his helmet and the dude was balding and there was nothing redeeming about the non-balding parts of his hair.

Flash forward to January 2010, Getzlaf is now 24 and just won a gold medal.  As Canada celebrated the victory sans helmets, I couldn't help but wonder who the old guy was....until I realized it was Ryan Getzlaf.  Sure, this may be below the belt, a cheap shot, but whatever it's all in good fun, but seriously, holy moly, my 75+ year old grandfather has more hair.  (I know, good genes.)

Woah, Getzie...where did your hair go?

Back in 2007 the bald spot was limited to the top back of the head, the usual balding spot location.  But now it's spread to the front.  How much longer till he has a clear bald runway?  Till he shaves it?  Till he grows the Bob Miller comb over cover-up?  Oh Getzlaf, it's a good thing you're a pretty good hockey player.  I wonder what Bucci thinks of you now.

P.S. Of course he can't help his bald spot; I'm only making fun of him because he's a Duck.

P.P.S When I went to Getzlaf's Wikipedia page today, this is what it said: