Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kings 1, Ducks 2 (SO)

Hockey game - pro
Kings game - pro
Fights - pro
Preseason game - con
Ducks game - triple con

The only thing worse than a preseason game is one against the Ducks. There's just so much about that squad that makes me boil with rage. Thankfully for my ulcer, SNiedermayer, Pronger, and T-Mu were not dressed for the game. However, the goonery void left by Pronger was dutifully filled by the remaining lineup.

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Up top the Kings had Moller and Moulson sharing time on the top line with Brown and Kopi. I think Moller spent more time with Brown and Kopi and looked pretty good. I can't get over how quick he is...and how small he is, which was very apparent when he had to go up against the Ducks. Once again Moulson looked really good and had the lone Kings goal. And once again, Boyle looked soft. I don't understand how someone that big can be so weak on his skates.

Simmonds got into two scraps tonight much to my satisfaction. He started strong in the first fight and probably took the edge. However, in the second fight he was pitted against Travis Moen. I'm not sure if Simmonds wanted to duke it out against a veteran to show that he play with the big dogs, but he got his ass handed to him. At first it seemed like Simmonds was going to hold his own and even take out Moen, but then it became apparent how big Moen is and Simmonds was never really able to break out of the hold Moen had on him. It was painful watching Simmonds take shot after shot to his head and it looked like he was a bit shaken up, but hopefully the kid will bounce back and tear it up next time.

The defense did not look good at all. Johnson, Preissing, and newly (re)acquired O'Donnell were in suits while prospects Voynov, Loktionov, and Drewiske and Doughty, Greene, and Gauthier held the back end. The prospects were fairly unimpressive and Greene was just there. Doughty looked the best but still made some shaky plays.

Between Overtime and the Shootout, Connie and I recorded a quick snippet of our feelings about the game. Enjoy my awesome camera skills:

Shootout came and quickly ended. The Kings put forward three young guys (Moulson, Purcell, and Meckler) while the Ducks went with veterans. Why is it that the Kings can't score a freakin' shootout goal anymore? Remember the days when the Kings rocked in shootouts? Yeah, I miss those days...I'm already envisioning all the points we're going to lose due to shootout losses. This is going to be a fun season.

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Kirsten said...

Ugh. I LOATHE the Ducks. I'm sure they had no trouble replacing FCP's thug antics considering they always seem to have a whole raft of dirty players. This includes Scott Niedermayer.