Sunday, June 29, 2008

Au Revoir Lubo

I can't help but wonder if Lubo would still be on the team if he and the Kings had agreed to a significantly lower contract during last year's off-season. I shouldn't linger on the past but maybe his huge pay raise and large drop in production will cause Lombardi to think twice this off-season before agreeing to long-term high salary contracts.

I'm torn about this trade. On one hand I thought last year was an off-season for Lubo. The Kings defense was terrible all-around and while they needed to focus on being stable defensively, Lubo was always more of an offensive threat. During the Draft the analysts kept speculating that Lombardi was trying to unload Lubo so the trade possibility was in my mind whether I liked it or not. I was prepared to hear about Lubo being traded but I'm still sad. At 31, he's on the older half of the team and we received younger guys in return, all part of the Lombardi Master Plan.

I don't know much about Matt Greene but I suppose we'll see him on the blueline come October. Because if we don't see him...who the hell will be playing defense? I didn't think the Kings were going to be big players during Free Agency, but now that a big paycheck was just unloaded, it's very possible that the Kings will sign one or two veteran defensemen. If I'm not mistaken, the only definite veteran blueliner is Tom Preissing and Tommy P ain't gonna be contributing much to the offense. I suppose Lombardi (and the future coach) will let up on Jack's leash and maybe Blakey will re-sign to assist on the offense. There are two defensemen I would like to see come to the Kings within the next couple weeks: Brad Stuart and Brooks Orpik. Can we afford both? Possibly. Do either or both want to sign here? I doubt it. But we need them. At the rate we're going, the defense could be even worse next year and the Kings will be down a man who can start the offensive rush from behind his own net.

Lubo, Good Luck in Edmonton. Edmonton, enjoy the $5.6 million/year salary for the next 5 years. Will Lubo be worth $5.6 million at 36? I think Lombardi made the smart move.

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Kirsten said...

FUCK FUCK FUCK. I can't believe this happened. Actually, I can. Nevermind, this is the GM that traded FCP for Lupul.