Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Are you in? Or are you out?

I had grand plans to mimic my UFAs post from last off-season and provide wondrous summaries for each player but my head isn't into it. Instead, I'm going to play a game of "Are you in? Or, are you out?", except that those that are in won't have to be hazed.

Unrestricted Free Agents

Mr. Robert Blake
Didn't he allegedly kill his wife? Oh right, the other Robert Blake. Well sure, he can come back, but for a cheaper price tag. If he really wants to be on this team and see it succeed then he better be ready to pony up to the "take one for the team" mentality that the Red Wings have perfected.

Lady-Slave Nagy
This past weekend one of my friends was trying to explain (to a bunch of industry people) why he liked the movie Transformers. One of the industry guys cut him off and said, "It's like what I say to religious people. 'I really want to buy into what you're saying, but I just don't get it.'" That's exactly how I feel about Nagy.

Scott Thorton
I don't see stand-up-veteran-locker-room-guy pulling the retirement switcharoo. Best of luck to Thornton.

Brian Willsie
I almost had a seizure just thinking of that shootout attempt.

Jon Klemm
Goodness gracious, no wonder we almost finished in last place.

Richard Petiot
He's in Group VI and at one point I actually knew what that meant, but it's so irrelevant I forget what it is. Regardless, as Hextall put it, "he plateaued" and was never able to make it in the bigs...with the Kings.

Kevin Dallman
Tampa Bay should be f'ing embarrassed that they finished behind the Kings.

Jeff Guiliano
I didn't think he had a shot in hell of staying on the squad this past year, but his hard work and HUGE legs contributed to his mild success. While Connie really wants to see him back, I think we can do better...and so do the Kings.

Brendan Buckley
I think I've heard of him before...

Wow, what a great group of UFAs. I guess only Blakey is willing (and deserving) to suck on a pacifier all day.

RFAs after the jump.

Restricted Free Agents

Joe Piskula
Hmmm....he's a toss up. On one hand, we really need defensemen and he could possibly become an NHL caliber player. But on the other hand, I expected him to be further along in his development, especially considering the organization had enough faith in him to sign him to a $1 million+ salary. Last season he made more than Kopitar! I really want to like this guy and believe that he can make it and be a solid defenseman. I mean c'mon, look at the guy! He's got the size and the look of a hockey player. I'm sure he wants to stay, but I'm not so sure the Kings want to keep him at that price tag. He'll either sign for less or the Kings will let him walk.

Patrick O'Sullivan
I can't stop thinking about his potential development and the awesomeness he exudes while playing. God help me if he isn't in a Kings jersey next fall.

Erik Ersberg
We gotta give him a chance.

Gabe Gauthier
I say pass.

Dany Roussin
He's so special, he went through the Draft twice!

Peter Harrold
Similar to Piskula but actually capable of playing in the NHL right now. I don't know who else would be on the blueline, so unless we pick Doughty or Lombardi has some tricks up his sleeve, I think Harrold will be back.

Petr Kanko
Believe it or not, he's scarier than Ivanans. You might as well keep the guy around to protect the boys in Manchester.

Matt Moulson
I'll be very disappointed if Moulson isn't re-signed. He exhibited a lot of smarts and skills during his short stint with LA and I was bummed that Lombardi sent him back to Manchester along with Boyle and Purcell. I just can't see Lombardi cutting ties with a promising young forward.

The Kings have some potential returnees on the RFA List but for most of them their return is questionable. Even if some (like Piskula) won't be ready to play with the Kings next season, they'll still be huge assets in the farm system, especially since the Kings continue to pick up younger and younger players who will need leadership from the veteran minor leaguers. So while the actual LA Kings team may not directly benefit from re-signing the majority of the RFAs I think it's in the entire franchise's best interest to re-sign them.


Connie said...

Lady-Slave Nagy


I'll be shocked if Blake is signed for more than $3.5 mil...

So sad about Giuliano. And he DID have massive legs, didn't he??

Kirsten said...

Man, you guys have almost a bigger problem than we do! Demitra must be gone for us, he's up in Vancouver dating Marcus Naslund.

Your date with the beach and a book sounds fantastic. I'm a little jealous.