Friday, July 18, 2008

Hockey News Roundup

I've been super busy and tired lately but the real reason for a news roundup instead of posting my own junk is because I'm lazy. I'd rather play Civilization or Guitar Hero than sit at my desk (I really need a laptop) and type up posts about the Kings on my 4-year old super slow computer (yes, I really do need that new laptop). So here's what caught my eye recently:

Brian Kamenetzky at SportHubLA had a chance to speak with Dean Lombardi after yesterday's press conference. Check it out, it's good stuff. I could have done that too but I guess you need a press pass to do that sort of thing.

Sherry at Scarlett Ice has an interesting critical post about a writer making an accusation that Emery wasn't well received in the NHL because of racism.

Marie Stiles (oh wait, that's me!) has some stuff on SportsHubLA (ah yes, another shameless plug) about the recent re-signings of 4 Kings players and a little blurb about new Kings head coach, Terry Murray.

Shame on you if you haven't been keeping track of SportSquee's Challenge: Top Ten Hottest Hockey Players. I was featured against Sarah of the Unofficial Matthieu Schneider Homepage so check out my Top 10 Hotties.

The Kris Draper Rule prevented a fan from placing his daughter in the holiest of hockey awards. Damn you, Kris Draper's daughter for ruining Christmas for everyone!

Jaime Lundmark signed with the Flames. I know that no one outside Calgary gives a flying shit but I care because I liked Lundmark when he was with the Kings for several months after the Craig Conroy trade. I thought he was a decent player that was much better than some of the other lesser skilled players (Brian Willsie, Kevin Dallman, Jeff Guiliano, John Zeiler, do I really need to go on?). But instead of re-signing with the Kings or any other NHL club he played last season in Europe. It's good to see him back because I think he deserves it.

Ted Clarke of the Prince George Citizen wrote an article about Kings goaltender Jason LaBarbera. It's mainly about him golfing at PCV neighbor, Trump National Golf Course about how even though he makes millions, he didn't have to pay the usual $300/round but only had to fork over what common folk would die to pay for to play at Trump's beautiful grounds: $50. But talking about golf (*snore*) isn't the juiciest stuff in the article. The best part of the article was when he dished about it being difficult to play for Marc Crawford.

He was a tough guy to read, he's pretty intense and likes things done his way. Obviously he has a good track record and is a respected coach because he's won a Stanley Cup but it seemed it never was a good fit having Crow there, with the group of guys we had.

FINALLY, a player who voices his opinion about having Crow as the head coach. I've been waiting since January's devastating blow-out by the Nashville Predators for someone to come forward and talk about Crow. There were so many games during the '07-'08 season in which the players seemed to not respond to Crow's coaching style. I am so thankful that he was fired and while I don't know much about Terry Murray, I am welcoming the change with an open mind and extremely low expectations: just do better than Crow.

And last, but not least, Britney Spears just agreed to let K-Fed have sole custody of the kids. Wow. Now that is some important shit.


Kirsten said...

I love the randomness of this post.

Your top ten list is pretty good. Actually, any list with Vinny on it is a good one. I still maintain that he would look great in purple, and he could keep up his perfect golf tan in LA.

k.m.stiles said...

yeah, pretty random...

I just saw 'Dark Knight' and during the movie there were a couple moments where I thought Christian Bale looked a bit like Vinny.

Kirsten said...

Hmm, I might have to see that movie then. I have not yet seen it, but everyone I know has told me it's good.