Thursday, July 3, 2008

No F'ing Way...

While the deal has yet to be confirmed, Rich Hammond of Inside the Kings is reporting that he has confirmed with two sources that ROB BLAKE HAS SIGNED WITH SAN JOSE.

My first reaction was:

(*silence* My jaw dropped *silence*)

And then my second reaction was:


Supposedly the deal is $5 million for one year. If this is true, then it most likely happened because the Kings didn't want to overpay for Rob Blake. The dude is ancient; Blake will turn 40 in December. He's aggressive in the offensive zone, still has a wicked slap shot, still has his size, but he's turned into a whiny bastard who doesn't throw his body around nearly as much as is needed and hasn't been as defensively sound as he used to and should be. $5 million? No f'ing way. I would have been PO'd if Lombardi signed him for that much. But now that Blake is (most likely) out of here, the Kings are in a huge vat of shit because the only real veteran defenseman they have is Tom Preissing. I hope this doesn't mean the Kings will go after Dan Boyle. But let's be honest, there's no f'ing way Boyle would want to come to LA now.

So who has the heart of coal? Marian Hossa or Rob Blake? I'm going to pick Rob Blake because I don't think Hossa "owed" anything to Pittsburgh. Blake f'd over the Kings once and now he's done it again.


A.Spreewell said...

We... are... fucked.

A.Spreewell said...

Wait. Did we free up enough cap space to sign Jagr? (Yeah right - that'll never happen. Although, didn't Jagr say he wanted to play in L.A. back in 1993 because of "all the beautiful women"?)