Monday, December 29, 2008

Jon Zeiler: The Great Divide Between Siblings

My brother and I usually have very similar tastes: huge crush on Dustin Brown, love of Japanese food, music, TV shows, movies, etc. The one thing we severely disagree on is Jon Zeiler. I've made it well known on this blog that I absolutely detest Zeiler and see him negatively contributing to the Kings. On the other hand, my hermano loves this guy because he goes out on the ice with the sole intention of hitting the opposition. Zeiler's role is the exact reason why I can't stand him since his only purpose is to take runs at people; with the hockey goon gradually being phased out of the league, what's the purpose of playing someone who has a lack of hockey skills and admits that his goal is to hit people when the end result most of the times is that he eats glass.

Regardless, my complaints about Zeiler in the presence of my hermano falls on deaf ears. When Zeiler finally returned to the lineup after a short stint on the sidelines, during which Peter Harrold, his replacement on the fourth line, proceeded to notch 2 goals in 2 games, he attempted to fight the crazy, lunatic, something wrong in the head, Avery-in-the-making Daniel Carcillo. My hermano loved the photo below that the AP snapped and he came up with the caption all on his own:


The funniest thing about this photo is it looks like Johnny Z had the upper hand in the fight when in reality, this move was a total fluke in the fight and occurred after Carcillo pounded Zeiler. I have no idea how Zeiler was able to flip Carcillo like this and I guess it's another anomaly I won't ever be able to understand in Zeiler's hockey career. The other shitty thing about Zeiler is that once Carcillo had his back on the ice, he still continued to throw punches, not exactly conforming to the gentleman's code. Alas, despite my attempt to clear my brother's head, I don't think he'll ever stop supporting Zeiler. And to irritate me even more, I don't think he'll ever be permanently placed on the sidelines. I guess we'll all have to suffer watching Zeiler attempt to become 'The NHL's Next Biggest Pest'. Actually, that should be a TV Show starring Zeiler, Carcillo, and Tootoo and Sean Avery as the judge.


A.Spreewell said...

Seriously, look at his face. LOOK AT IT!!!

It's as if he's laughing hysterically at the fact that his right fist has taken control of his body and refuses to stop throwing punches. He's like Ray Liotta laughing at Joe Pesci at the restaurant scene in Goodfellas.

If I were going into combat, I'd want Zeiler right next to me.


k.m.stiles said...

Seriously, Hermano...have you actually seen him fight or have you only seen the still images? Ian Lapperiere can kick his ass!! You really want Zeiler on your side?

A.Spreewell said...


Barbara said...

Zeiler is not my favorite King, but he is entertaining. In that same crazed way as Avery and Carcillo (whom I've loved since he was in the minors). Z's a little guy and this is the way he's found he can stay in the NHL. I'm sure he'd rather be Anze, but this is what nature dealt him.