Saturday, December 6, 2008

Neck Beards = Grossness

Who knew that Kyle Orton's neckbeard, Kyle Orton's nasty, grimy, disgusting, severely unattractive neckbeard, would make its way to the NHL and to the LA Kings.

Patrick O'Sullivan has been sporting one and recently I noticed that Kyle Quincey started too. Do guys think this is an awesome look? They do know that it's disgusting and won't get them the ladies, right? I assume they're doing it to be funny. And tonight, in the game against Columbus, there are a lot more unshaven guys than usual. Most notably, Frolov has unfortunate stubble and Handzus let his beard grow past the stubble stage.

Is it possible that this year's playoff beard fad will be the neck beard? Ooohhh, that won't be pretty.


Kirsten said...

Nooo, not Quincey! He's hot, he's not allowed to do gross things like grow a neck beard.

k.m.stiles said...

Quincey's neck beard is weird because he still has a full beard but you can definitely see that the "neck beard" part is thicker. Sully's is the worst because he's not clean shaven the neck beard is in full force. I now how much you dislike POS so I'm sure his choice of facial hairstyle isn't helping him at all.

Brad said...

no. when I go unshaven for more than a couple of days, I trim it up. Doughty has some ridiculous facial hair too. And Anze Kopitar, or at least he did at some point this season.

Kirsten said...

No, the neck beard is really not helping out POS's case. At all. Jarret Stoll is helping out my love of the Kings, though. I heart him.