Sunday, March 15, 2009

Kings 1, Sharks 2 (SO)

7 rounds. 7. I'm impressed the Kings made it through 3 rounds without losing and it's such a heartbreaker to see them lose to the San Jose Sharks in the 7th round of the shootout. Kopitar hit the post, Jack snipered one in, Doughty had 1,000 touches but Nabokov never flinched, Brown ran out of room and never got a final whack on the puck, Frolov shot it wide, Handzus, who I was positive was going to end it, did something unremarkable, and Purcell had to tie it to keep it going but failed when Nabokov got his pads on it.

The guys played alright tonight. They definitely looked outplayed in the first and third periods, but were thankfully able to score the equalizer in the second period. They held their own and despite having to play frantic defense for a lot of the game they came out with one point. The Kings penalty kill did a fantastic job of keeping the puck out of the net on 8 Sharks power plays, but Ersberg is probably the one who deserves the most credit since the guy was phenomenal tonight.

What is Marleau doing?

San Jose's goal came off a shot from just inside the blueline that was perfectly deflected by Michalek. When the play happened it looked like Ersberg didn't even move as the puck sailed past him. On the replay it was clearly visible that Ersberg didn't have a chance on that one. This game could have easily ended in the middle of the third period but Ersberg continued to stonewall the Sharks with huge saves. A tiny step to advance the Kings in the standings and hopefully a slight confidence booster knowing they can play with the top team.

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