Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kings 5, Stars 4 (OT)

Thanks Yahoo! for not refreshing the boxscore and making me think for 4 hours that the Kings lost 4-3 tonight (I wish I had evidence of this). Only now did I finally go to the Yahoo! NHL homepage to find out that the Kings beat the Stars 5-4 in Overtime. For a second I thought there was another reporting error, like the one where Jack Johnson was called 'Jackson', because the whole night I was upset thinking the Kings had lost and were edging closer to the Western Conference basement floor.

Another 'Thank You' goes to the local LA TV stations for not broadcasting this game; Gotta love it when home games aren't televised.

This win is quite amazing because the Kings came from behind, Kopitar tied it up with 14 seconds left in regulation, and then Handzus clinched the winner with a Hat Trick! How sweet is it to have the game winner be your hat trick. Awesome.

AP PhotoI told you he would be good this year. I heart Handzus.

So Handzus had 3 goals tonight, Frolov and Kopitar each had 1 goal and 2 assists and Doughty had 2 assists. Kopitar may not be scoring as many goals this season compared to last year but he's definitely netting the clutch goals. How many game tying goals in the waning seconds does he have this season? I think I can count three within the past month. Kopi is such a stud.

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Denora said...

You should have been there! It was intense! My favorite part, of course, was when that bastard Turco got a penalty for tripping. Good stuff!

Just recently found your blog, and love it!