Thursday, April 30, 2009

'08-'09 Playoffs: 2nd Round

If I was a true Carolina fan, I would have been rioting the streets of Raleigh the other night. But as it is, I'm only a fan of Carolina when it comes to the playoffs so instead of wreaking havoc on an already shitty city, I just jumped up and down and squealed like a schoolgirl when I saw on Versus's ticker that Carolina had tied the game. Then I lost my shit when I saw on the Yahoo Sports boxscore that Carolina won the game just seconds after tying it. I can't even imagine what true Carolina fans feel like. I mean, that kind of awesome isn't supposed to happen when you're on the road in the playoffs in Game 7. It only would have been more ridiculous if it had happened in the Cup Finals. Brodeur must feel like how Marty Turco does every time he steps foot in Staples Center and blows a multi-goal lead...times 1,000. It's not that I wanted to see Jersey fail, as I did so viciously with San Jose, it's just that I really wanted Carolina to advance.

On to the Second Round Predictions!

Eastern Conference

(1) Boston v. (6) Carolina

Prediction: I have no idea what Boston is capable of considering I've only seen them play for 6 minutes when they lost to the Kings in March. But I'm sticking with Carolina!

(2) Washington v. (4) Pittsburgh

Prediction: I'm still recovering from Avery being knocked out of the playoffs. I'm rooting for Pittsburgh.

Western Conference

(2) Detroit v. (8) Anaheim

Prediction: I think we can all agree that Anaheim is one of the strongest eighth seeds ever. Still though, Anaheim knew how to handle San Jose, but I don't think they can keep up with the Wings. Detroit all the way.

(3) Vancouver v. (4) Chicago

Prediction: OMG, did anyone see Jokinen in the post-game/series conference? Woah, HD does not do him any favors....oh, by the way, Vancouver advances.

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