Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kings 1, BJs 4: so disappointing

What is wrong with the Kings power play?  The problem with only using one defenseman on the power play is the risk of the opposition breaking out and being able to completely undress a forward who has to undertake complete defensive responsibilities.  Williams got schooled twice in this game, one of which led to Rick Nash's short-handed goal.  I don't place blame on Williams because he's a forward and I don't think there's a forward on the Kings roster who could have broken up that play.

(AP Photo)

But using only one defenseman on the power play wasn't the only fault to the Kings' issues while playing with the man advantage since they had much success in the first handful of games this season.  Unfortunately the chemistry they had earlier in the season hasn't continued as they've faced teams with solid PK units.

Jonathan Quick looked solid tonight and made some key saves early in the game.  He did have one gaffe that almost turned into an easy goal for the Blue Jackets but thankfully he was able to escape an embarrassing situation.  Despite being 4-3 so far he's looked pretty good and if he continues to play like he has lately that should instill a lot of confidence in the rest of the team.

But the remaining Kings haven't looked so stellar.  After being on a 4 game winning streak they've now dropped 3 consecutive games:  passes look sloppy, opportunities are squandered, special teams aren't performing and faceoffs aren't being won.  5-on-5 the Kings are staying competitive, but all-around the Kings need to improve and find the chemistry that previously got them on a winning streak.

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