Monday, November 9, 2009

Live blog of Kings v. Hawks...on Versus!?

woah...does Versus realize they're broadcasting a Kings game?  I can't even remember the last time Versus showed a Kings game.  Hopefully the Kings will have a better outing tonight than what they had on Saturday versus the Predators; Kopitar and Co. have to show the rest of the hockey world what they're missing out on.

Stay tuned shortly for the live blog of the Kings v. Hawks game.

Pre-Game Talk
- I really dislike listening to Joe Beninati.  It sounds like he's trying too hard.

awesome pic, courtesy of Bangin Panger

- Oh Chicago, how I wish to never visit that city again.
- Not sure what I think of Blondie...she's ok.

alright boys, let's start this game.  5 bucks on Brown (cleanly) destroying Toews in the first period.

First Period
20:00 - Why is there a bluish hue?  I know games always look darker in Chicago, but this is a little much.

18:13 - Neither team has established control; play keeps going back and forth...

17:34 - Chicago had the best chance on a rebound from the outer edge of the circle.  But good recovery by Quick to stop the 'Hawks.

17:08 - Nice check by Greene!

16:20 - Nice interception by Brown but Stoll rushed the backhand attempt

15:35 - pretty good cross ice movement by the 'Hawks.  Another camera shot of Terry Murray looking like he always does: bored.

14:38 - good stop by Quick (and no rebound!) on a rush by  Byfjdoi87lggleen....or whatever his name is.

14:20 - oh Stoll! get it on NET!

13:09 - is it just  me or is this game boring?  the teams look fairly evenly matched, which means both teams are doing a good job of limiting the opposition to very few chances.

12:30 - Rookie Scott Parse had a decent shot on net.  He's definitely been outplaying Teddy Purcell and deserves the spot alongside Stoll and Brown.

11:35 - Fourth line out on the ice....I wonder how the Kings would do with only 3 lines...

10:37 - Kopi had a great takeaway and fed it to Williams who powered it wide...

9:58 - Kane has a very white mouthguard...I'd like to see Brownie rip it out of his mouth.

9:00 - the Handzus-Frolov-Simmonds line had a good shift

8:25 - how the hell does Patrick Sharp have so many points against us??

7:28 - holy shit Quick, could that rebound have been any bigger??  he's lucky the 'Hawks weren't in good position to jump on the puck

6:22 - Shots are even at 9

5:18 - This game reminds me of Saturday's game against Nashville except with a tad bit more energy.

4:24 - the fourth line actually had a short cycle going...

3:48 - Nice defense by Scuderi.  He couldn't have played that any better.

2:26 - Parse-Stoll-Brown looking good.....and Brown and Eager both going off for penalties.  Brown is usually good at drawing penalties, but this time he got caught diving.  Boo!

0:00 - not too much action in this period....Blackhawaks had more chances, but nothing too heart-stopping.  I hope this game picks up.

more after the jump....jump!

Second Period
20:00 - Apparently the Blackhawks have scored a ton of second period goals this season.  That is not a statistic I enjoy hearing...

18:56 -  oh crap, the 'Hawks are on the board.  I didn't think Madden had any room left, but somehow he got the puck past Quick despite being at a bad angle.  That was not a goal Quick should have allowed.

17:30 - woah, did Greene just make a good defensive play?

16:57 - I'm really sick and tired of hearing about the long change in the second period. Yes, announcers, we know!!  You don't have to talk about every single game.

14:19 - I love Simmonds' energy.

13:41 - wow, Purcell, way to go with that great entry and then fanning on your wrist shot.

-Rob Scuderi just gave a thank you message to our armed's slightly off-putting how little he moves his mouth while talking.  It's almost like he's a ventriloquist...but without the puppet.

10:50 - oooooh SNAP!  Goal by Kopitar!  Great shot from the blueline by The Man, Drew Doughty, and Kopitar was right in front of Huet to jump on the rebound.  And this game is tied Bitches!

-I don't understand how the 'Enzyte' commercials are still on the air.  Does anyone really believe that this crap works and won't cause your junk to shrivel up or cause you some sort of awful disease?  According to Wikipedia:

The Center for Science in the Public Interest has urged the Federal Trade Commission (which has power under federal law to regulate advertising) to disallow further television advertising for Enzyte, because of a lack of proper clinical trials.
Yeah...grossness...and back to the game.

7:09 - Smyth needs to do a better job getting the puck into the 'Hawks end.  He can't always skate through 4 players and still end up with control of the puck.

4:34 - oooh, I think Williams got away with holding.  Huh, just realized there haven't been many penalties called yet.

4:00 - Jack had a great shot from the point and Handzus got a stick on the rebound but shot it wide.

3:30 - Damn, Stoll had a rocket that went off the crossbar!

2:20 - ahhhh, the close up replay of Stoll's shot was heartbreaking! so close!

0:00 - the last couple minutes of the period were exciting.  Smyth chased down the puck to nullify icing and put the puck in the slot, but Kopitar overskated the puck.  Then Ebbett had a semi-breakaway on the other end, but lost control of the puck and himself and went crashing into the boards.  Back in the 'Hawks end, Simmonds was situated behind the net and fed Handzus out in front, but Huet made a quick stop.  Then off the ensuing faceoff, the 'Hawks broke out and  Kane split the D causing Scuderi to commit a penalty.

Third Period
20:00 - live blogging during the third will most likely be very sporadic....

18:23 - ok, wow, that was a pretty sweet pass by Sharp...but damn, now the Kings are behind again!

14:56 - ugh...not long after Kopitar was sent to the box, Toews scored a power play goal.  There's a reason the Kings are ranked 27th on the penalty kill...slowly moving to 28th.

13:25 - Interference called on Brent Sopel (former King)...time for the Kings to close the gap.

12:42 - son of a --!!!  Drew Doughty rang one off the post!

11:23 - that power play seemed to fly by.  The Kings couldn't really get anything going on it.  Doughty's shot was the best chance the Kings had.

10:40 - killing the penalty gave the 'Hawks an extra surge and the Kings couldn't stop the Hawks from scoring another goal.  blerg.

6:29 - where did the Kings go?  They have completely disappeared after their pitiful power play attempt.  They're lucky it isn't 5-1 or even worse.  And now Chicago goes back on the power play to increase their lead.  Great.  Not exactly the showing I was hoping the Kings would have on a "national" broadcast.

1:38 - this game needs to end.  Thank goodness the Kings play Carolina next.  But hopefully they don't take the 'Canes lightly.

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CheapSeats said...

Thank you for the correct spelling of Dustin Byfjdoi87lggleen's last name... yet again, Versus/DirecTV are annoying. Thankfully, they dont know that Los Angeles still has a team and they only broadcast the same 5 teams repeatedly.

With the Kings on a roadtrip against powerhouses like the Hurricanes, Panthers and Lightning.... I had no desire to see them play against a good team. None whatsoever.