Monday, November 2, 2009

Phoenix Again? Blerg.

You know what's irritating?  Watching the Kings play the Coyotes for the third time in just over 4 weeks.  The NHL schedule is so wacked out.  The Kings and Ducks haven't even faced off yet, and won't till early December, yet the Kings have played Phoenix 3 times and Dallas and San Jose each twice.  The season is barely a month old and I'm already sick of other Pacific Division teams.  And I don't care how improved and impressive the Coyotes are, I still despise watching them.  Thank goodness the New Orleans Saints were on MNF tonight giving me a valid excuse to "watch" the Kings game via the boxscore.

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

I'm beginning to like this guy...
sorry about the hateful things I said about you.

It feels good knowing the Kings beat Phoenix, especially since the Yotes always seem to have their number.  The win was also sweet since former Kings goaltender, Jason La Barbera, was in net and allowed 4 goals.  It doesn't matter how awesome Barbs is off the ice, because once it's game time I never want to see a former Kings player, especially a goaltender, play well against the Kings.  Remember when Craig Conroy was traded back to the Calgary Flames a day or two before a Kings/Flames game?  He lit up the Kings.  I loved Conroy during his short stint with the Kings, but that game was so not cool.

Anyway, my favorite part about live updates on a boxscore is seeing errors in the updates.  See below for an example:

The shot was eventually credited to Dustin Brown, but if you don't know who to credit for a shot, hit, penalty, etc. don't post the update till all information is collected.  Silly update people.

Glad to see Williams get a goal in his first game back from a hopefully minor injury that won't flare up in the near future.  Even though the Kings got points in their past two shootout losses, it's such a relief to see them get 2 points in regulation.  15 games in and the Kings are only 1 point behind San Jose.  C'mon Kings, keep up the points streak.

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