Thursday, February 17, 2011

LA Kings and Anaheim Ducks Have the Exact Same Record

During the past month I've been compulsively checking the ESPN NHL standing, as if the Kings are going to miraculously jump ahead a couple spots in the middle of the day, but after about the 11th time of looking at the standings today I noticed something that creeped me out.  With the Kings losing to the New York Rangers tonight in a shootout, the Kings and Ducks have the EXACT same record, including the same home and road record. (click image to enlarge)

LA Kings and Anaheim Ducks NHL standings

Weird, right?  Not that the playoffs begin tomorrow, but in case you're wondering about the tie-breaking procedure it looks like the Kings are placed behind the Ducks because so far in the season the Ducks have earned more points in the series between these two teams, or something like that....I'm not really sure, there are a lot of words in that 3rd tie breaker.

Regardless, the Kings are kicking ass in the goal differential category and they've been earning a lot of points on this road trip.  I don't like that the Kings have the same record as the Ducks, but that will eventually change when the Kings jump ahead of the Ducks.  I just really, really hope they don't face each other in the first round of the playoffs.  But if they did, someone would have to make Corey Perry's head bleed.

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