Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kings Played Like Poop Against Islanders

Today's game sucked.  The Kings played like poop all game long.  They got a ton of shots on noob goalie Al Montoya, but I counted maybe one or two quality shots.  I honestly thought I heard wrong when the second period ended and Bob or Jim mentioned the Kings had 17 shots on goal in that period.  The Kings may have had a lot of shots on goal, but they were the weakest, most non-threatening shots on goal.

You know what else sucked?  Watching Drew Doughty and the rest of the defense play like poop.  You could tell the blueline corps were off when Jack gave Drew a hospital pass on the freaking power play that led to a short handed goal.  It was just turrrrible.

You know what else annoyed me?  Hearing Islanders fans boo Ryan Smyth.  Really asshats?  You really think you're entitled to boo Smyth?  Really?  He wore an Islanders jersey for like 2 seconds, he cried when he was traded to your team, and no one outside of your island thought for a second that he would actually sign with the Islanders once the season was over.  Bitches, please.  Get over yourselves.  Ryan Smyth in an Islanders jersey is like Wayne Gretzky in a Blues jersey.  It never should have happened.

This game was an all-around righteous bed shitting.  Not cool.  They better bring it in the next game.

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