Sunday, June 10, 2007

LA Kings - UFAs

With the dreadful Kings season (made worse by the Ducks winning the Cup) behind me, it is time for me to look at what the upcoming season’s roster may look like.

Since I couldn’t recall who will become an unrestricted free agent I had to look it up.
TSN has a list of prominent NHL players who could become unrestricted free agents on July 1. Here are the “prominent” Kings to whom we could wave good-bye:

  • Modry and Heward were both acquired at the trade deadline. I believe that Modry was part of the Norstrom deal (*wiping away the tears*) and I can’t remember how we got Heward. I wouldn’t mind seeing Modry let go. He’s a 36 year old D and I think there are other players, either in the farm system or will be on the market, who will contribute more than he does. I thought that Heward played very well with the Kings and I would like to see the Kings re-sign him, but probably just to a one year deal.

    I’m not quite sure how I feel about the Kings re-signing Aaron Miller. On one hand, he’s a very skilled veteran defenseman. On the other hand, he has had a lot of back problems in the past, which cost him a lot of games in the ’05-’06 season and the Olympics. While he did play a full season in ’06-’07, I still wonder if his back will act up again in the future. I say sign him to a one year deal.

    As much as the fans (and organization?) appreciated what Burke did for the Kings this past season, I doubt that he will be back. I think that Crawford and Lombardi are set on fully supporting Cloutier’s return to either the #1 or #2 spot. I also think that
    LaBarbera’s success at Manchester will garner him the other goalie spot. Which leads me to…

    Sayonara Mathieu Garon. He’s been good at times but never consistent enough to lead the Kings.

    Tom Kostopoulos, aka TKO or as P likes to call him,
    Uncle Jesse because of Jesse’s Greek last name, Katsapolis. Tom is apparently quite the prankster and I would classify him as a middleweight. He throws his body around, chips in on the forecheck, and is an all-around team player. Should the Kings bring him back? I could go either way, but I think he’ll be back.

    Mike Weaver was sent down to Manchester at least once this past season and it wouldn’t surprise me if the Kings don’t offer him a new contract. Like I mentioned in my discussion of Modry, there are other defensemen that the Kings have or will sign.

    Raitis Ivanans is the scariest looking King. I also could have sworn that the Kings and Ivanans already agreed upon an extension. If I’m making up the contract extension, I do think the Kings will re-sign him. I would rather that they find another enforcer, but the “skilled enforcer” is tough to come by.

    My discussion of the Restricted Free Agents will come at a later time.

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