Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kings 2, Flames 6. Woof.

Wow...what happened?! Judging by the boxscore, since I don't have Center Ice and I don't have much luck listening to Kings games on the radio, here's what I can deduce:

  • Ersberg finally got lit up
  • Boyle and Army were each a -3 and Ivanans was a -2; well done 4th line
  • Former King Craig Conroy had 3 assists; he's really good at playing the Kings
  • Curtis Glencross (WHO?!) had 1 goal, 2 assists and was a +3
  • Dustin Brownie had 7 shots and 0 goals; and
  • Kopitar got another last minute goal

Yikes, that's gotta hurt! I don't know what else to say but that finally a team found a way to exploit the Kings' weakness. So, how much longer till the Kings recall Purcell, Lewis, and/or Moulson?

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