Saturday, January 10, 2009

Kings 1, Devils 5: Soooooooo Terrible

At least I don't have to live in Jersey

Where to begin...

they couldn't connect passes, they coughed up the puck so often it looked like they didn't even want it, they hung Quick out to dry, they took way too many penalties, the refs made some BS calls against the Kings (and let a lot slide for the Devils, or maybe it's just that I was at the game and didn't see any replays of the 'offenses'), the Kings failed to win key faceoffs, Harrold look like poopoo, they made Weekes look like an All-Star, and to top it all off, Matt Greene looked like a noob when he tried to battle Mike Rupp in the waning minutes of the game. If you're gonna fight, at least look like you have a slight clue as to how to fight. It just ended up being the final kicker to an embarrassing loss to the New Jersey Devils.

The highlight of the night was definitely a hit by Brown where it looked like he was going to get rammed into the boards but somehow got the Devil turned around and laid a pretty nice hit on him. As my FI put it, "You can go pick up your manhood from Dustin Brown". I'll post a clip of it if I can find it.

On the positive side, LA Live is looking pretty good. I couldn't believe how crowded it was and there are heaters on the outer walls of the buildings!! What?! Haha, as if it's that cold in LA that we need to have heat coming out of the buildings. So awesome.

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