Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kings 4, Ducks 3

For all the things the Kings did to completely turn their game around from two nights ago, they really tried their hardest to totally blow it by handing the Ducks 6 power plays. 6! Including one for too many men on the ice and another for puck over the glass/delay of game. This is the second time in as many games where the Kings allowed a power play goal due to a delay of game penalty. Focus, guys, focus!

I think he's baaaaaaaaaaack!

However, the Kings did do a lot of things right, especially finding the back of the net. So here they are again at 0.500 with a record of 17-17-6. They're doing a pretty good job of staying average. If only they can display some consistency and string together some wins. But I guess it could be worse; we could be the Islanders.

P.S. I'm really not a fan of this Ryan kid. He really stinks of....what's the word? Hmmm...I think "douchiness" will do just fine.

P.P.S. Total ice time for my two favorite players:
Kyle Calder 5:38
Jon Zeiler 4:10

According to Inside the Kings, neither guy played in the third period...Gee, I wonder why.

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