Saturday, February 14, 2009

Kings 2, Oilers 3 (SO)

In the past two games, the Kings have recorded 77 shots on goal and only 2 goals. Ridiculous.

Today the Kings looked pretty good. They had lots of movement, tons of scoring chances, and did a great job of crashing the net and playing a very physical game. However, throughout the game the Kings kept making poor passes. The majority of drop passes didn't connect and the receiver had to back track to collect the puck, thus slowing down the rush. A lot of passes were not tape to tape and the puck would get lost in a player's skate. N(ot that I want to blame any one specific player, but Jack Johnson made a lot of sloppy plays. ) It was incredibly frustrating watching them play very well only to have to regroup and restart the rush because of a bad pass.

I have to give huge props to Raitis Ivanans for completely destroying Zack Stortini. The Kings had an announced sellout and the crowd went absolutely nuts when the fight was going on and gave Ivanans a huge ovation. When video of the fight hits the interwebs, be sure to check it out.
Update: Here's the video of the fight. It looks pretty even until Ivanans clocks him with a semi-uppercut to take the upper hand.

AP Photo
Still trying to figure out how this hit wasn't a penalty...
Moreau hit Brownie late and he left his feet.

Despite the relatively poor passing, I couldn't understand how the Kings were losing through almost the entire game. They completely dominated the second period and had numerous scoring opportunities. Similar to the Calgary game it just wasn't their night to get the puck past the netminder. Thankfully the Kings notched the tying goal with under a minute left in regulation, which was unbelievably amazing. It was so awesome to finally see them get another goal after peppering the Oil with so many shots and it was such a relief to know they were at least going to get a point. I thought the Kings had a chance to win it in shootout now that the Shootout King (Garon) is no longer with Edmonton, but it just wasn't meant to be. I'm beginning to think the Kings should play all of their games on the road. Well, at least they're still in the playoff hunt.

Final note of the game: I know it's great when people get introduced to hockey, but sometimes I wish they would stay out of the arenas till they actually know a thing or two about the game. What bothers me a lot about sitting near people who don't know anything about hockey,is having to hear all the dumb sh*t they say. The guy next to me asked his friend how many quarters there are in the game. (You, dumbass...they're called periods.) He also kept saying he's not sure if he'll be a Kings fan or a Ducks fan. (Don't even get me started.) And towards the end of the game he kept saying the other goalie is really good. (Roloson?? Gimme a break.)

If you don't know what's going on, just keep your trap shut.


Kirsten said...

Roloson is really lucky a lot more than he is really good. This is coming from an Oilers fan too.

k.m.stiles said...

I definitely wouldn't consider him a really good goalie. The Kings just made him look good...ugh....