Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kings 4, Ducks 3

All day I kept thinking that if the Kings beat the Ducks tonight then they would make the playoffs. I was a nervous nelly for parts of the game but Kings fans can thank Scotty Neidermayer for the win tonight. Thank you, Scotty, for being a complete idiot and running into Quick with a Pronger-esque elbow. Although, I doubt Pronger was proud of the hit because if Scotty had executed the move how Pronger showed him, Quick's helmet would have come off. Regardless, Kings capitalized on Scotty's laziness and lack of composure.

For all the griping I do about listening to ridiculous comments and questions from non-hockey fans, having to listen to Brian Hayward on the TV broadcast is infinitely more aggravating. Here's a text exchange between me and my brother regarding our dislike of Hayward and the Ducks (extra notes in italics):

Bro: F**k. I HATE the Ducks. (This was sent after the Ducks scored their third goal)

Me: Haha, I hate them more and more every time I watch them play

Bro: Is Bob Miller announcing any channel? I cannot f**king stand Brian Gayward. I'm at [girlfriend's] place so she only has basic cable.

Me: No because it is in Anaheim. These announcers are terrible. (Not being able to listen to Bob Miller while watching the Kings should be illegal)

Bro: Seriously. I wonder if Anaheim fans hate Jim Foxx (not quite sure why there are two x's). Because that's stupid - Jim Foxx (again with the 2 x's) is unbeatable. It's not possible. Science has proved it.

Bro: Phew! F**k yeah! (after the Kings won)

Bro: Ugh. Brian Gayward just said that getzlaf was the best player on the ice. What a joke. And that's why I hate the ducks.

Me: Getzlaf is so gross (seriously, have you seen him try to smile? And that hair....blech) and Gayward is so f'ing retarded. I am so glad they won.

As you can tell, (a) we're definitely related, (b) we're quite mature with our descriptions, and (c) we're 100% correct about Brian Hayward. How is he still on the Ducks broadcast?

So the Kings won about those playoffs...On one hand I don't really see the Kings as a playoff team, but on the other hand, if Columbus is hanging onto a playoff spot, then the Kings can get in there too. No way the BJs are a better team than the Kings.

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Kirsten said...

I fully endorse this type of exchange/maturity level. I also hate the Ducks, and nothing makes me happier than seeing them lose...well someone knocking a bunch of Getzlaf's teeth out of his balding head might be better...