Friday, June 12, 2009

Crawford is Back Behind the Bench

Of course it was a matter of time before a team hired Marc Crawford but I definitely did not expect the Dallas Stars to fire Dave Tippet and immediately hire Crow in his place. Crow may have a winning record as a coach but I still can get past how horrible the Kings played in front of him for two seasons. I also can't get over how infuriating it was to see him play Cloutier over and over again, forcing the idea that he was the Kings' number one netminder when it was crystal clear that he wasn't. I'm not saying that any of the other 307 backups/replacements should have been the clear cut Number 1, but Cloutier should have earned that spot and not had it handed to him.

The Dallas Stars are very different team than the LA Kings, but as Cat points out in her assessment of the hiring, the Stars have a number of youngsters who are still in the learning process and bunch of veterans, in particular Mike Modano, who are now in a different role on the team. I do wish the Stars the best considering they're my second favorite Pacific Division team and hopefully with Marc Crawford guiding the team they'll be able to help the Kings by taking down the Sharks and Ducks.

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A.Spreewell said...

Dallas is your SECOND favorite team in the Pacific?! The order from top to bottom looks like this:

1. Kings (obviously)
2. Phoenix (thanks to Gretzky)
3. Dallas
5. San Jose (tied for last)
5. Anaheim (tied for last)