Friday, June 12, 2009

Pens Win It All in '09

Wow, I did not expect the Pittsburgh Penguins to win the Cup this year.

(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Hey Hossa, where's your Cup?

I still can't believe how awesome the ending was to this series with Lidstrom unable to tie the game in the final seconds as Fleury threw himself into the shot for the Cup winning save. Unreal.

You gotta hand it to the Pens because it seemed like from the start of the series Detroit was going to stomp all over them. Even though I was rooting for Detroit during the entire playoffs, it was nice to see another team dethrone the Wings. So...where will Hossa end up next season?


Brad said...

the last thing I wanted to see is media darling captain crybaby hoisting the cup. son of a bitch.

k.m.stiles said...

Haha, why the hate, Brad? I didn't mind it too much. I thought it was cool that Malkin got the Conn Smythe.

Brad said...

i have lots of reasons. or so i say. Any team can be stacked with great talent after having four top 2 picks in four years.

Go Kings, Go.

spiker97 said...

Now, stop picking on the Pens...

Otherwise - there seem to be rumors starting up that Mr. Hossa - two Cup Finals - two losing ends - may be headed your way.

Here is what Puck Daddy is reporting right now...

Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal reports this morning, if Hossa doesn't agree to the team's long-term offer of between $4-5 million a year, then the Stanley Cup jinx sniper will have his rights dealt on Monday. From there, Hossa's new "team" will have two days before the opening of the 2009 free agency period on Wednesday to lock up a deal.

From Matheson:

Reliable sources say the Los Angeles Kings, who are looking for a marquee player and have lots of salary cap room, will come hardest after the unrestricted free agent. They could play Hossa with Anze Kopitar(notes).

Much more on this subject at - I do like that idea of Hossa and Kopitar.

Remember what I posted in this blog last year - the Kings could very easily become the Pens {and the Blackhawks} of the very near future. And - you have a large amount of room under the cap. You could afford Hossa and a couple of others {I had thought - and it could still happen - that Jay Bouwmeester would fit well with the Kings as well}.

Free Agency is a couple of days away, let the fun begin! But Hossa to the Kings is very interesting.

And don't begrudge the Pens either, it was a fun, fun ride to be a part of...

k.m.stiles said...

I could see the Kings going after Hossa but only if it's a one or two year contract. The Kings definitely need a goal scorer and Hossa's lack of a current long-term contract (like Heatley or Vinny) makes him an ideal candidate. Kessel maybe another possibility but I just don't see the Kings trading away valuable assets for him. It'll be very interesting if the Kings go after Hossa because it'll mean that DL thinks the Kings will be a strong competitor now.

And I have no hate for the Pens! It was nice seeing them win.

spiker97 said...

He can stay up in Chicago, he is not going to be worth all of that money.

You did very well on getting Rob Scuderi, however. A good move on your part.