Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm Slowly Getting Used to Saying, "Dustin Penner is an LA King"

I really didn't want Dustin Penner to get traded to the Kings for two reasons:
  1. I just don't really like Penner, mainly because he used to be a Duck and won a Cup with them
  2. I was worried the trade would involve Wayne Simmonds
Now that I've had a couple days to reflect on the trade and digest all the analysis from various "experts" I'm slowly accepting the fact that shortly I will be rooting for Dustin Penner.  So let's look at the positives of this trade:
  1. The Kings finally get the sacred Left Winger they've been seeking all season long.  Marco Sturm was definitely not the answer. Obvi.  Hey Capitals, have fun with him.
  2. No active roster players were sent packing #waynesimmondsisawesome
  3. Penner has one more year left on his contract so he's not a rental for just a couple months
  4. Braaaayyyyyden Schenn is still in the Kings organization
  5. We could get to hear Penner give some great interviews
  6. He's easy on the eyes and now I can embarrass myself as I behave like a 13 year old fangirl by saying "PENNERSQUEE!!!" 
These photos of Penner were taken way back in 2007.  I felt compelled to take them as Finny (a Ducks fan) of Girl with a Puck was giddy with excitement at seeing Penner.

I make no promise that I won't take another photo of his derrière in a Kings jersey, but I do promise that I won't complain about him unless he goes goalless in the next 19 games.  I'm anxious to see him play alongside Anze Kopitar because I think we can all agree that Brad Richardson just ain't doin' it.


Finny said...

EEEEEEE!!!!!! or, maybe, more appropriately: SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Penner was the kind of player that grew on me. When I first saw him play, I don't think I felt one way or the other about his game (or about him) -- but as time went on, there's just something about him that made me feel like he's just the kind of player I ought to root for. :)

I'd like to say it has nothing to do with the easiness-on-the-eyes thing, but this is me we're talking about here -- the girl who initiated the 'hottie of the month' on my blog hahaha. So, Penner is pretty and he's pretty good on the ice too. I think he can strive for a little more consistency here and there, but overall, I think he's a hardworking player and does his job.

That's all you can really ask for in your team, right? Work hard, do your job.

You have that in Pennersquee.

And I will try not to vomit when I cheer for your team. Just know that I do it for his sake. LOL.

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