Friday, May 23, 2008

2008 SCF...About Time

My Conference Final predictions were pretty shotty. Whatevs, I was rooting for the underdogs, but in the end they just got spanked. As I try to figure out why the heck it's raining in SoCal right now I suppose I'll also make my prediction for the Cup Winner: Pittsburgh. But I kinda want to change it to Detroit...alright, I'm sticking with Pittsburgh.

I don't care who wins the Cup, but not because I've stopped caring about the playoffs. I'll be happy to see either team win because both teams have proven they deserve to be in the Finals. Detroit had a couple rough games against Nashville but I think those were good for the team. Except for those losses I don't think Detroit played a bad game through the next two rounds. Likewise, Pittsburgh also seems unstoppable.

I just hope that everyone's predictions for an intense, close series pan out. I'll be very disappointed if one team falls flat and lets the other ease to Cup Glory. It's hard to believe we're already at the Finals and soon it'll be the off-season for everyone. I know it's a lame statement and that all of us make it every year, but every season it's the same routine, an especially long one for Kings fans.

Cheers to a great finale.

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