Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Luc, You're Mine!

The Hermano saw my blog post about not wanting to spend $40 on sponsoring Luc Robitaille on and did what every good older brother would do: give me an early birthday gift by payin for my blog to sponsor Luc! (although I'm not quite sure when it'll show up...)

He also decided to sponsor Dustin Brown and Kelly Hrudey with his non-hockey related blog, Tacos y Ramen. Hrudey is probably one of his most favorite goaltenders so I completely understood that sponsorship and I guess he has some kind of mancrush for Brownie.

Some might say, "What a stupid birthday gift!" But you don't understand the gift-giving dynamic between us. Our birthdays fall within 10 days of each other so every birthday month and Christmas we ask each other what we want (usually a DVD, book, or gift card) and that's what we buy. There's usually no suspense in what the other one bought and frankly, that's what I like. I would hate to feign happiness about a shitty gift my brother gave me and it makes the gift-buying process very easy. Usually I'll ask for something that I want but just haven't gotten around to buying, either because I can't justify buying it for myself (i.e., sponsoring Luc) or I know it'll be an easy gift for someone else to buy me. Regardless, it's always something that I want and am happy to receive, which is why when my hermano told me he sponsored Luc for me, I laughed my ass off (because I couldn't believe he did it) and was entirely ecstatic.

All I can say is, "Thanks, Hermano!" It's good to see that he's using his salary from his over-paying job to show our support for the LA Kings.

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Kirsten said...

I wish MY brother were that cool.

PS, I completely endorse his support of Kelly Hrudey.