Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Luc, I Just Can't Do It

Mirtle and Barry Melrose Rocks wrote about the ability to "sponsor" hockey players on BMR submitted a sponsor for none other than Barry Melrose for a mere $10/year.

I quickly made my way to because I desperately wanted to sponsor my all-time favorite Kings player, Luc Robitaille. But I was immediately taken aback when I found out I would have to pony up $40/year to sponsor my beloved hockey player. $40?! $40? I could easily pay $10 without hesitating but $40 stopped me dead in my tracks. I can't do it people. I cannot pay $40 to have this blog linked to Lucky Luc's name. $40 could buy me...half a pair of shoes, a couple hockey books, 10 packs of hockey cards, or a tank of gas for my Civic (that I'll use up in a week), ummm....shit. Am I being cheap right now? Am I being unreasonable? Should I just fork over the $40? For what? Is it worth it? I'm losing my mind over this decision!


CKim said...

You're not losing your mind. I looked up Rob Blake and lo and behold, $40!!!! Boo. I immediately closed the page. =/

Kirsten said...

As a college student and midwesterner, I say you are not being cheap, but merely smart with your money. Buying gas/food/whatever else is far more practical than having your name tied to Lucky Luc's, no matter HOW INCREDIBLY AWESOME it would be.