Sunday, March 14, 2010

Counting My Eggs Before They're Hatched...But Whatever.

If the Kings make the playoffs they are going to be so screwed if they have to play Phoenix or Nashville.  I don't understand why the Kings have so much difficulty beating's borderline embarrassing.

I sort of hope that the Kings either fall to the 6th seed so they can possibly face Vancouver or take the 4th seed (and home advantage, Wooo!) while Phoenix falls to the 6th seed and Colorado finishes 5th.  Because seriously, I think the Kings will have a much better chance at beating any Northwest team not located in Calgary than they would beating Phoenix in 7 games.  And let's also pray that Nashville stays put in the 7th seed and Detroit squeaks by with the 8th seed so we can all see San Jose go home in the first round.  I'm dreaming...I know.

But, of course, first the Kings need to make the playoffs, then I can freak out about who they face in the first round.

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