Monday, March 1, 2010

Ryan Getzlaf: 24 going on 43

So back in June 2007 I wrote a post titled "Truly Disappointed in Bucci" in which I ranted about John Buccigross's misguided love affair with Ryan Getzlaf's hair.  For some reason in 2007 Bucci thought Getzlaf's hair ranked in the top 5 of the league.  I was flabbergasted because earlier in the season I had seen Getlzaf without his helmet and the dude was balding and there was nothing redeeming about the non-balding parts of his hair.

Flash forward to January 2010, Getzlaf is now 24 and just won a gold medal.  As Canada celebrated the victory sans helmets, I couldn't help but wonder who the old guy was....until I realized it was Ryan Getzlaf.  Sure, this may be below the belt, a cheap shot, but whatever it's all in good fun, but seriously, holy moly, my 75+ year old grandfather has more hair.  (I know, good genes.)

Woah, Getzie...where did your hair go?

Back in 2007 the bald spot was limited to the top back of the head, the usual balding spot location.  But now it's spread to the front.  How much longer till he has a clear bald runway?  Till he shaves it?  Till he grows the Bob Miller comb over cover-up?  Oh Getzlaf, it's a good thing you're a pretty good hockey player.  I wonder what Bucci thinks of you now.

P.S. Of course he can't help his bald spot; I'm only making fun of him because he's a Duck.

P.P.S When I went to Getzlaf's Wikipedia page today, this is what it said:

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Jon72AG said...

I'm not even a Kings fan...I'm a Stars fan, but you got a nice blog going.