Sunday, March 7, 2010

Were Those Trades Necessary?

What do Jeff Halpern and Fredrik Modin have in common?

You can easily do without them.

I still don't understand why the Kings traded for them.  I didn't even understand why the Kings were allegedly interested in Ray Whitney, but I would prefer him over Halpern or Modin.

Both guys are in their mid-30s and not big scoring threats.  The Kings didn't give up much to get both forwards, but I don't think either guy was necessary to aid in the playoff push and give the team a solid chance in the post season.  They do give the Kings a better 4 line roster, but I don't think acquiring them was worth giving up Purcell and draft picks, even if Purcell wasn't doing much in the league.  I'm not happy about the trade and would have been content if Lombardi had just left the team the way it was if he wasn't able to secure a goal scorer.


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