Monday, November 10, 2008

FSN says, "F You" to Kings Fans

Earlier today Rich Hammond of Inside the Kings linked to an article in the OC Register about how Tom Feuer, executive producer for FSN, has decided to keep broadcasting Kings games using the Rinkside View. Please read the article. It's amazing how little FSN cares about the fans.

There are some pretty good comments on the article. The Best comment ever:

"Can’t believe I actually prefer KDOC to FSW"

So true. I caught the Ducks/Stars game on KDOC and despite the fuzziness, horrible quality, and Bryan Hayward, I sat there in complete happiness because KDOC was televising the game from the normal camera angle so I could actually see what was going on.

I'm seriously thinking of boycotting all Kings games televised using the Rinkside View. I'm so sick of this shit.

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