Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Truly Disappointed in Bucci

I generally like reading John Buccigross’s articles on ESPN but, of course, I don’t agree with everything he writes. For example, I don’t always agree with his taste in music, I completely disagree that bigger nets is a necessary change, and I definitely do not understand his fascination with Haaken Loob. Yesterday was his last article of the season and as excited as I was to read it and, at the same time, sad knowing that I would have to wait till September or October for another article, my feelings quickly turned to disbelief as soon as read the following statement: Ryan Getzlaf's hair is amongst the top 5 in the league. What!? Are you kidding me?! Bucci thinks Getzlaf has great hair? Either Bucci has a thing for balding men in their early 20s or he has never seen Getzlaf without his helmet. Getzlaf hair is very similar to Peter Laviolette’s hair. Looks great from the front but catch a glimpse of the top/back and you shudder in amazement that something like that could be happening back there. As you reach for the spray on hair you finally convince yourself that it’s okay, it’s natural, and there’s no need to overreact.

Not that I have anything against bald or balding guys, it’s just that no one in my family is bald or balding, not even my 75+ year old grandfather and, luckily for me, my boyfriend is going prematurely gray, but hey, I’m used to seeing that happen! The thing with Getzlaf’s hair is that it is so unexpected. I bet you 5 bucks Bucci doesn’t know Getzlaf is balding and when he does find out that he is, I bet another 5 bucks that Bucci will immediately drop him from the top 5 hair list. In fact, I’m going to email him and enlighten him on this fact.

Just wrote him an email and here it is:


Are you aware that Ryan Getzlaf is going bald? I don't understand how you can put a balding man in his early 20's on your list of Top 5 hair. I understand that it may look great from the front, but take off that helmet, turn him around, and you will see that ever expanding bald spot. If you were to judge player's hair based on the frontal view, then every hockey player who has or had a mullet would not be given credit for their ability to grow and shape such an amazing hairstyle. I think that in order for someone to make the Top 5, he must have great hair on his entire head. I think you should seriously rethink your statement that “Ryan Getzlaf's hair is amongst the top 5 in the league.”

Truly Disappointed,

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Bethany said...

Haha that was hilarious...good work.