Tuesday, April 13, 2010

2010 Playoff Predictions....because why not.

I love the NHL playoffs!  Even when the Kings don't qualify I still get giddy with excitement.  Now that the Kings are back in the post season?  Ohhhhh smack, I can barely contain my emotions.  I can't focus at work;  I want to go home as soon as possible because then it means we're just that much closer to the start of the playoffs.  It's a little ridiculous, but hopefully after Game 1 I'll calm down a bit.

Here are some of my past playoff predictions: 2008 and 2009

Western Conference
San Jose (1) v. Colorado (8)
Despite San Jose's playoff track record, I think they'll move on to the second round.
Prediction: San Jose in 5

Chicago (2) v. Nashville (7)
I think this series will be pretty tight.  Normally I'd root for the underdog or a team not from Chicago, but I just don't give a shit about Nashville and Jordin "I'm a f*ckface" Tootoo.
Prediction: Chicago in 6

Vancouver (3) v. Los Angeles (6)
More on this match up in a separate post.  Bottom line: I have faith in my boys even if some people don't think the Kings stand a chance.
Prediction: Kings in 7

Phoenix (4) v. Detroit (5)
Both teams had very good runs toward the end of the season, but c'mon let's be real, it's Detroit all the way.
Prediction: Detroit in 5

Eastern Conference
I'll be honest. I've hardly seen any Eastern Conference teams play this season, which is why I didn't even know Ottawa was in playoff position till last week.  A lot of these predictions are based on gut feeling, personal preferences, and what I remember of them from prior seasons.  I'm a little bummed Carolina tanked during the regular season because they're usually my sweetheart pick.  (sad face)

Washington  (1) v. Montreal (8)
I just have a feeling that Montreal is going to get annihilated.
Prediction: Washington in 4

New Jersey (2) v. Philadelphia (7)
The only redeeming quality about Philadelphia? Flip, Flip, Flipadelphia!
Just thinking about Pronger makes me want to vomit.
And besides, can an American really root against Zach Parise?
Prediction: New Jersey in 5

Buffalo (3) v. Boston (6)
Ryan Miller will not stop till he's won a championship this year.
Prediction: Buffalo in 6

Pittsburgh (4) v. Ottawa (5)
Prediction: Sidney Crosby in 6

I just filled out my predictions for the 3rd Annual Frisby Bowl and based on my selections it looks like I'm going with Pittsburgh and Chicago in the Cup Finals with the 'Hawks finishing with top honors.

Let the playoffs begin!!!!!!


Andrew said...

The only question is whether I get one shirt for myself, or pick up another for my hermana?


k.m.stiles said...

I almost linked to that site! All day I had "flip flip flipadelphia" stuck in my head.