Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kings 4, Canucks 6: F Word!

When the third period started and the Kings were leading 3-2, I knew it was going to be a tough 20 minutes but I really thought the Kings were going to be able to hold on and win.  It's embarrassing that the Kings allowed 4 goals in the third period even if one was an empty-netter.

Good Things Did Happen:
  • The Kings scored 2 more power plays.  Despite not scoring on their last three power play opportunities of the game (I know, how disappointing!), I think their PP% is about 52%. In other words?  Unbelievable.  Too bad the power play looked pretty bad when they didn't score.
  • I didn't catch any booing during the Canadian national anthem.  The fans sang along to both national anthems.  Stay classy, LA.
  • Wayne Simmonds looked great tonight! why did he only play 15 minutes????
  • The fans were all over Luongo.  I knew the taunting (which started before the puck dropped) was premature and bad karma, but damn, it was fun and hilarious.
But There Were Some Bad Times:
  • Randy Jones played almost 16 minutes tonight and while he may have played better than Peter Harrold, he still didn't look very good the majority of the time.  And why the hell was he on the power play??  He looked like an amateur trying to quarterback to the man advantage, especially compared to Jack and Drew.
  • Brad Richardson played almost the same amount of minutes as Scott Parse, Rich Clune and Jeff Halpern combined.  After the first game I was all in favor of sitting Justin Williams based on his uber poor performance.  But unless he's injured, put the guy back in the lineup!  I don't care if he's on the 4th line with Halpern and Parse, but there's no question that the line would be more effective if Williams was on it.
  • What in the world crawled into Ryan Smyth's hair and is dragging him down?  Maybe my expectations of him are unreasonably high, but he has been utterly underwhelming this post season.  
And Then The Ugly Appeared:
  • The lady sitting next to my husband reeked so bad!!!!!  My feet have never smelled as bad as the odor that emanated from her body.  I've sat next to homeless people on the bus who smelled better than her.  I can't imagine living life completely unaware of how badly I stink.  I realize this has nothing to do with the Kings' performance, but it did put me and my husband in an annoyed state of mind before the game even started. 
  • Once again the Kings got caught many times in their zone chasing the Canucks for an extended period of time; more often than not, these scary moments led to a Canucks goal.
  • 4 goals allowed in one period.  Completely unacceptable.
Sad face.

The defense needs to be better and, surprise surprise, the team needs to play better 5-on-5 throughout the entire game. They looked good in the first period at even strength, but they faltered as the game went on.  The Kings will bounce back in Vancouver and then end this f'ing series at home on Sunday.  Go Kings!

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