Sunday, April 18, 2010

Even Steven and We're Heading to LA

I couldn't believe how poorly the Kings started Game 2 and I got really nervous when Terry Murray started mixing the lines again.  My nerves were calmed a bit when Heidi Androl interviewed Luc Robitaille after the Kings got down by 2 goals and he looked happy as a clam and was very confident the Kings would come back.  I again felt better when Jack was interviewed during the first intermission and when asked by Heidi what the Kings need to do in the second period, he responded, "Uh, we need to score 3 goals", which was the polite way of saying, "WTF do you think we need to Heidi?".  I was pleased he didn't spew out some hockey cliché and instead got straight to the obvious.

Looking Good Kings
  • I didn't know Terry Murray was in the South Park 'Medicinal Fried Chicken' episode. You gotta admire the balls it took to make a lineup change that saw Justin Williams, Randy Jones and Raitis Ivanans replaced by Scott Parse, Richard Clune and Peter Harrold.  Based on the past two seasons it seemed like Alexander Frolov was the only capable of being benched and publicly criticized by Murray. 
  • Drawing three penalties from Andrew Alberts; I'll be very surprised if he plays in the next game.
  • Brad Richardson continues to play better than anyone would expect.  If anyone deserves to score a goal in this series, it's him.....but it probably won't happen because it's Richardson.
  • Wayne Simmonds had a great game after being promoted to the top line.   He was practically invisible in Game 1, but really stepped it up in Game 2.  Will be interesting to see if Murray keeps him there or reinstates Williams.
  • Kopitar!!!!!!!!!  
(Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images)
Enough said
  • Seeing Murray slightly smile in the post game interviews.  He is so hard to read because he always looks like he's staring at a blank wall.  But last night the corners of his mouth were slightly turned upwards and you could tell he was very pleased with his boys.  
Bad Boys
  • Ryan Smyth needs to do more.  He did crash the net on the 3-on-1 that led to the Simmonds goal, but anyone would have done that.  
  • Jarrett Stoll also needs to do more.  But as long as he can get a shot on goal (not a shot that goes wide), then I'll be happy.
  • But who's a Bad Ass??  Drew Doughty, who played almost 33 minutes in Game 2 and received praise on Twitter from some hockey analysts:
    • @Real_ESPNLeBrun Drew Doughty is the best defenseman in the NHLJust thought I'd pass that  along
    • @TSNBobMcKenzie See Doughty on the bench in final minute of reg time, laughing and yukking it up? Just loves to play. Joy in his game and a joy to watch.
    • @TSNBobMcKenzie I could watch DD play game all night long. Best D man in NHL at age 20
  • Let's hope the Kings don't start Game 3 the same way they started Game 2.  The Kings looked so out of place for the majority of the first period.  
Prior to Game 2 the LA Times had a great quote from Richard Clune about his playoff debut and due to the last minute lineup change he didn't have any family at GM Place:

I'd go buy a homeless guy on the street tickets to come watch me as long as I had one fan in the building. It's going to be intense. Use any cliche you want. It's playoffs. It's not even comparable to the season. I'm an adrenaline player and I'm going to feed off it.

It was a huge relief to see the Kings even the series at one game apiece.  They did a great job of keeping the Sedin twins off the scoreboard, but now they need to figure out how to stifle Samuelsson who already has 3 goals in this series.  I am so excited for Game 3! I'm determined to leave work at 5pm tomorrow...let's hope my bosses agree with my plan.  See you at the game! Go Kings!!!

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