Friday, April 23, 2010

Kings 2, Canucks 7: and that's how you crap the bed

After wasting a prime opportunity in Game 4 to take complete control of this series I thought the Kings were going to come out in Game 5 with their guns blazing.  Instead, the Kings played like absolute crap the entire game.  Even their goals were shitty, but they just happened to get past Luongo.  I had an unbelievably shitty morning that involved (in order) thinking my car was stolen, finding out it was towed (because of a BS temporary tow-away zone in my neighborhood), paying the exorbitant towing fee, and finding out I was also cited a parking ticket.  On top of that I had to sit through a horrible and disappointing Game 5.  This is how I feel:

The Good:

  • no clue...well, maybe Michal Handzus.  
The Bad
  • The Kings
The Ugly
  • Not only was Quick pulled after allowing 4 goals on 21 shots, but Ersberg was also pulled after allowing 2 goals, and then Quick was put back in....good Lord that is embarrassing.
  • Even though the Kings did capitalize on a man advantage, the power play looked very sub-par.  Hopefully the PP wasn't clicking due to the entire team being off during the whole game and that the chemistry will return in Game 6.
  • Mikael Samuelsson is absolutely killing the Kings.  
  • Can Randy Jones make it through a game without turning over the puck?
  • When will Ryan Smyth play like he's worth his salary?
  • Richard Clune, if you're going to start a fight, be ready to duke it out.
The Kings should be embarrassed with the way they played tonight.  They hardly sustained any offensive pressure.  Even when they were able to cycle the puck down low for an extended period of time they couldn't even get a shot on goal.  Passes were off, the offensive entry failed time and time again, Luongo saw the puck how Quick did in Game 1, Kings took way too many penalties, etc.  The Kings have played well in this series but tonight they completely bombed.  Two days from now they can erase this game from Kings fans' memories and even this series up. 

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