Monday, April 12, 2010

My Playoff Tickets Have Arrived!!

I have been waiting for this day for years!!! Not just since 2002, but since I was a little girl obsessing over the Kings, waiting for the day when I would be able to save enough money to buy all the playoff tickets I wanted.  Did I even consult the husband about making this purchase?  Nope.  He was out of town, but I texted him the great news that I was able to purchase tickets to the first two rounds!  Call me selfish, but I've saved and waited long enough for these babies.   

I'm normally pretty frugal with my money so spending this much at one time for hockey tickets is a little scary, but these are Kings playoff tickets we're dealing with.  I'm willing to put off shopping for new work clothes and those classy Cole Haan pumps I've been eyeing for several months, dinners out at a sushi joint, driving to work and paying for parking (can't beat my $17/month transit pass), going to the gun range (who knew shooting guns was so expensive), buying unnecessary groceries, drinking too much, etc.  I'm willing to temporarily sacrifice the extra pleasures in life in order to see my Kings play in person in the post season.  

It's a good thing I was also given electronic tickets because I have a feeling that the Hoarder inside me will want to keep these tickets intact because.......well, please, Hoarders don't need reasons.

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