Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Marc Crawford Hates the Kings

I hate Marc Crawford.

The transitive property says I should hate the Kings, but no, I still love them. Well, I love about 80% of the team.

I have an early morning start tomorrow so this "game review" won't cover nearly half of what I want to discuss. The full-blown game review will come later this week.

What I want to discuss (or, rather rant) about is WHY IN THE WORLD BRIAN WILLSIE WAS THE 6TH SHOOTOUT SHOOTER?!?!!

Finally Crow placed O'Sullivan third in the shootout but unfortunately he couldn't go 5 for 5. If the Kings had lost after three shooters, I would have been fine with the loss. I would have held my head high and said, "We used our best three shooters but just couldn't come out with the win."

I would have been ok with the loss if we had lost after the 4th or 5th shooters since I thought Cammy and Frolov are respectable shootout choices.

As soon as #21, Brian "How am I still in the NHL?" Willsie, stepped onto the ice as the 6th shooter, my heart sank. I felt sick to my stomach. I wanted to vomit. I wanted to cry. I wanted to head towards the exit. There was no point in even watching if Willsie could get the puck past Hiller and force a 7th round because I knew there was no way in hell he would even have a chance. I looked at ckim and she had the same expression on her face that I knew was on mine. We both knew the game was over and, of course, like fucking clockwork, Willsie made a pitiful shootout attempt, Hiller made an easy save, and I went to pull out the knife that Marc Crawford had stabbed in my back. Thanks, Crow. Thanks for throwing in the towel in the 6th round. Thanks for saying "F YOU!" to every single Kings fan.

With the lineup we had tonight, here's the order I would have used after Frolov's attempt was saved:

Michal Handzus
Derek Armstrong
Lubomir Visnovsky
Rob Blake
Matt Ellis
Tom Preissing
Peter Harrold
Jon Klemm
Jeff Giuliano
Kevin Dallman
Raitis Ivanans
Brian Willsie
John Zeiler

Notice where I placed Brian Willsie. Second to last...where he belongs. Brian Willsie only recorded 5:54 of ice time tonight and no, he is not one of those sleeper shootout secrets who can come out and win us the game. We don't really have one of those guys so I'm trying really hard to figure out why Marc Crawford passed over guys like Lubo, Handzus, Armstrong, and even Blake. I was absolutely speechless after the game. If the Kings lost more shootouts in this manner I would definitely vote to remove the shootout from the NHL. Tonight's loss was an awful one to take and is just another reason why I cannot wait for this season to be over.


CKim said...

I'm so upset that I can't even talk.

Chris (KingsCast) said...

I would have rather of had Blake, Harold or Cloutier on the shootout then Wilsie. The only player I'd take after Wilsie would be Guiliano.

Kirsten said...

I feel like my dead grandma would have done a better job. She'd probably be a better coach, too.

CKim said...

Aww, leave Giuliano alone!!!

KMS2 said...

ckim: I still have trouble talking about it.

chris: I wonder...has a goalie ever taken a shootout attempt? And yes, Blake would definitely have been a better option.

kirsten: great comment. I can't top that.

ckim: he carries the weight in his nose. Hahah, I'm so hilarious!