Sunday, March 2, 2008

You're Welcome

Minnesota, you're welcome for the 2 points. I know you rightfully deserved those two points but you're welcome that we didn't steal them from you.

J.S. Giguere and the Northwest Division, I'm sure you're very thankful that we indefinitely knocked out Smyth. Looks like the nappy-haired Canadian is ok (relatively speaking) but you're still welcome for not having to put up with him for awhile.

Tampa Bay, you're welcome for spot #29. I know you've been really nervous the past couple weeks that we would dethrone you, but worry no more. Our young stars are doomed to spend the rest of the season in the AHL so there's no way in hell we'll be moving upwards with our current lineup.

Phoenix, aren't you sitting pretty 4th in the Pacific. We knew you would be mighty happy to not be last in the Pacific...and you're not even close! Good for you!

Detroit, thanks so much for the flowers you sent over. We knew you would really like Brad Stuart. It's good to see that he's already having an impact with the team by spending 24:47 on the ice tonight (2nd most on your team). We're already letting Ellis play on the first line (I know, I can't believe it either!) so please return the favor and treat Stuart well.

That's all we have room for tonight but check back often as we give thanks to the NHL gives thanks to us for all the good deeds we've done this season.


Kirsten said...

Thanks! We really can use those two points right now, especailly since we didn't really get what we needed at the trade deadline...

Steph said...

Awwww Matty Ellis! I'm glad you're taking such good care of him :)

We're making sure Stuart gets some love over here too. He scored a goal!