Thursday, March 27, 2008

Swede Secures Second Shutout

Thank goodness I didn't pass up the opportunity to attend this game. It may have taken me 2 hours to get from work to Staples Center (I traveled 45 miles in case you're wondering) but it was all worth it.

After stepping foot in an older, less classy arena (*cough* Ponda Center *cough*) it was such a relief, quite relaxing actually, to be back at Staples Center. There are so many things that I love about Staples Center and check back during the weekend because I'm going to do a post comparing the two arenas.

Yesterday I thought Cloutier was going to start against the 'Yotes, but after finding out today that he has some injury (hah, is that what they're calling "benching Cloutier" these days?) and that the Kings called up AHL netminder Danny Taylor, I had a feeling that we may see the Swede for the second time in as many nights. Even though he faced 40 shots the previous night and looked down right tired (see pic below) I still had faith that he could do it for the Kings.

Ersberg was one solid player tonight. The Kings did a fantastic job of limiting most of the 38 shots on net to the outside, but Ersberg came up HUGE at times to preserve the shutout. I like him more and more everytime I see him play. However, I kind of want to see this Taylor kid. In the warmups he was stickhandling the puck all over the ice. He was one of the last players off the ice when warmups ended. He looked eager to be out there and I want to see him in action. So I'm a bit torn: do I want to continue seeing solid goaltending from Ersberg or do I want a glimpse of Taylor?

(Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

So this is what it feels like to have solid goaltending

This pic of Ersberg is from the Ducks game. It was taken before the shootout began. He looks awesome. Actually, to quote an LGK reader, he looks like an anime character! He always has this "What's going on?" look on his face. And for some reason, P always asks, "Is the hot Swede in net tonight?" Hmmm...I'm not quite sure I would call Ersberg hot and no, I do not know why my fiance is calling Ersberg hot, but I'll deal with that later. Regardless, Kings fans are really warming up to him.

(AP Photo/Mark Avery)
Ersberg...where were you in October?

Blog Pimpin'
If you haven't already, check out ckim's rant about attending the Kings/Ducks game. I say 'ditto' to everything she wrote. Also, I fully support the use of calling random female idiots 'hobags'. What a great word.

If you don't feel like going to the Kings game on Saturday but you want to watch the game with a bunch of other Kings fans, then head down to the LBC watch party that Mateo at Life in Hockeywood is putting together at Smooth's Sports Grill on Pine Avenue. For the details, check out his post: Kings v. Stars Watch Party. If I can get my hiney out of bed before noon and have enough time to make myself look presentable before puck drop, then I'll be there. Otherwise, I'll be slummin' it in my tiny LBC apartment in my slightly ghetto neighborhood.

Sidenote, P was trying to convince a friend to hang out in Long Beach (instead of LA) and he said, "No, I'm not poor." FYI to all you Long Beach haters, not ALL of Long Beach is super ghetto...only about 85%. 10% is decent and the other 5% is actually really nice. Get your heads out of your asses and come find the awesomeness in this beach community.

That's it folks. I have another early morning tomorrow so a more detailed game review will come another day.

Edit: Regarding the "Watch Party"...the idiot in me only read the "Kings v. Stars" part, not the actual date of the event. Big thanks to reader 'chinde35' for correctly pointing out that the event took place last Saturday when the Kings played Dallas on the road, which makes a lot more sense...hmpf...if I ony I started reading every word instead of skimming things. Anyhoo...I guess I'll just be watching the game by myself.


CKim said...

I love being pimped out, especially by you! And Ersberg TOTALLY looks like an anime character! Ahh, I love it.

KingsCast Hockey Podcast said...

I see, you're going into enemy territory! Enjoy the "watch" party!

KMS2 said...

ckim: your rant encompassed everything I thought about the game so I figured rather than doing one too I would just revert people to yours ;)

kingscast: well...I've been waiting for another KingsCast watch party...

Kirsten said...

I haven't spent much time in LA, so I don't judge. As long as Long Beach has food and isn't Oregon, I'm all up for checking it out.

Chris (KingsCast) said...

Yeah, have fun at the "watch party." KingsCast would totally go but will be attending the game, as usual. Too bad. But that should be fun down there. I hear they're doing jigsaw puzzles and auctioning off a date with Dr. Naysay (he looks like Borat's sidekick but more bald...enjoy ladies.) Oh and swearing and drinking and are also not allowed based on Rule 125b, article 7.
Go Kings!

Anonymous said...

Stay in bed! The watchparty at Smooth's was LAST weekend. :(

KMS2 said...

chris: do I sense a little bit of jealousy???

chinde: hahahha, i'm such an idiot! I didn't even look at the date. Now the watch party totally makes sense since last week's game was in Dallas. Thanks for the heads up!

Chris (KingsCast) said...

Hahaha. Not exactly.

Ksy92003 said...

I'm new to this site, so unfortunately I didn't know about the party :( I live in the nice part of Long Beach, over by El Dorado Park. Pretty much all of East Long Beach is nice.. the West Side is pretty much the ghetto part