Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mullet Night: Redneck Edition

For those of you within a reasonable distance to the Manchester Monarchs, don't miss your opportunity to attend Mullet Night: Redneck Edition this Friday March 7th. If you purchase the special offer package ($52) you'll receive 4 silver level tickets & 1 Mullet Night: Redneck Edition photo featuring Meckler, Milam, Matt Moulson, and Westgarth. I really hope this photo gets published online because I can't wait to see what these guys will look like.

Oh right, there's a game tonight...um, yeah, this stuff is way more exciting.

1 comment:

CKim said...

No!!! You exposed AEG for what it really is (a ridiculous corporation who thinks it has a sense of humor!!!) I told you about Mullet Night in confidence!!!!

haha, god...I'm so ashamed...