Thursday, April 24, 2008

Avery + Fashion Internship = *Brain Fart*

This news has been quickly flying around the blogosphere but I just had to comment on Avery's future un-paid internship with Vogue magazine.

According to Patrick O'Connell, director of communications for Vogue, Avery's first day on the job will be determined by the Rangers' Cup run, and his duties will include a variety of tasks typical for an entertainment/fashion grunt.

That means the stocky, 28-year-old athlete -- who is in the midst of the NHL playoffs --- will be "answering phones, working photo shoots, getting samples, contacting people, working the gamut," according to O'Connell.

Yeah, he'll be getting samples....samples of ASS.

If any of you read the NY Times Magazine interview with Avery you know that he has an eclectic taste. Personally, I like on-ice Avery as opposed to off-ice Avery, especially since hockey-less Avery sounds like he's interested in men. Don't believe me? Let's have a quick look at this Q&A:

Place where he spends the most time: I just stand by the island in my kitchen. I can’t sit still. So that’s my one grounded spot, where I can see what’s going on and my remotes work.

Hmmm, I can just see him now. Standing in his spotless kitchen, complete with a Viking oven that isn't even plugged in, gazing around his bachelor pad all the while sipping on his cappuccino.

Favorite recent purchase: I’m stoked about my Philippe Starck lamp. It is shaped like a machine gun. It lets you know there’s a man living in the house.
I think he means, it reminds him that he's a man.
Least-favorite household chore: Answering the phone.
I don't think Avery knows the actual definition of 'chore'. Although, if we're going by Avery's definition, then my least favorite household chore is putting down the toilet seat (when will my fiance learn how to do that....)

With all kidding aside, I'm not surprised Avery will be working in the fashion industry. I'm actually impressed that he's willing to start at the bottom and gain some experience instead of signing on with some established designer or editor to help him start at a higher level position. Who knows what area of fashion Avery will eventually make his name in but I must give him credit for having a game plan for his post hockey life.

(Getty Images)
Oh Avery, you still have my heart!


Amy Lynn said...

Wa-wa-what?! You might not have been surprised but I am. Avery and fashion...that just shattered my whole universe.

Chris (KingsCast) said...

There was an article today on THN I believe that talks about how important he is to the leagues image. Look, I'm no Avery fan and I'm glad he's no longer a King but he does bring some press to the league.

k.m.stiles said...

amy lynn: Haven't you seen his profile pic with those fancy fashionable glasses? In ten years maybe he'll design the new NHL jerseys.

chris: As long as he doesn't go Bertuzzi on anyone's ass I think he's great for the league.